“Ladies, be careful of unmarried men in their 40s, there must be a reason” – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

“Ladies, be careful of unmarried men in their 40s, there must be a reason”.” —Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Kingsley Okonkwo, a well-known Nigerian preacher, has provided important insights and counsel for single ladies who are anxiously anticipating marriage.

His words of wisdom specifically targeted men in their 40s who were still single, emphasizing their potential motivations, especially when they sought out relationships with women who were sometimes a decade younger than they were.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo underlined that it is true in many circumstances. He cautioned single women to be careful when thinking about a relationship with a man in his forties, highlighting the significance of carrying out extensive study and due diligence before making a lifetime commitment.

The preacher encouraged women looking for marriage to make informed decisions.

In response to his claim, numerous men have come forward to state that it is not true and that they are simply having trouble finding good women.

However, in the comment area, women who have dated men in their forties appeared to concur with this assertion.

Earlier today, pastor Deborah advised women on how to keep their husbands

Even in the midst of arguments or complaints, she highlighted the value of offering husbands tranquility and contentment at home.

In Pastor Deborah’s speech, she issues a caution: constant fighting and strife may drive spouses from their homes and into the arms of other waiting women.

Her statements have sparked a heated controversy, and responses are flooding in from all social media platforms.

truecrimedaniel: “Even if u don’t fight him every day, there are still plenty waiting for him outside… Who will cheat will cheat.. it has almost nothing to do with the other person.”

is_glams: “It is the kind of environment he creates that he will get. He cannot create an environment like ikorodu and be expecting to see Maldives.”