TOYIN FATUNSIN (gospel films)

Gospel Film actress and filmmaker, Toyin Fatunsin (Nee Eso) had taken to her Instagram page to dish out a piece of advise to youths who tend to move blindly with trends without giving the aftermath a second thought.

The Spain Based screen diva channeled her advise to the youths who call out the names of men of God and fathers, mothers of faith on their page to disregard them and yet feels they have the right to do so.

She further stated that it is not a must to comment or react or every post, as some annotations had sent away destiny helpers by such act.

She wrote;

CAUTION!!!!! I am concerned for this generation who calls out names of men of God and fathers, mothers of faith on their post to disregard them and yet feels they have the right to do so. My dear young friend, what an elder sees while sitting, a youth can’t see even if he climbs a tree. Just because you have free WiFi does not mean you join every issue on social media. I sincerely hope that social media will not put some into serious trouble. When you have a disagreement with your biological parents do you bring it on social media calling their names on it? My people have a name for such.

You don’t have to agree with every post, it’s your choice what you choose. Living holy and Pleasing the Lord is a choice, in pleasing the Lord you can’t be compatible with every “trending issue” and sometimes I wonder if some really know the implications of what they are doing. What you post, share, tweet, comment says a lot about you. It’s a free world but then don’t use your freedom to get into trouble. It is not a must to comment or react to every post, some have send destiny helpers away by such acts. Don’t complicate things for yourself this new year.

This 2020, be delibrate in honour, choose honour it’s a path to long life and relevance. Honour God and honour people. Becareful of what you post, it is not every trending issue you must write your “take” on and that too in a slanderous way. The one you are writing against might not read it but there is a GOD in heaven who sees ALL THINGS AND WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO HIM. God defends his OWN, don’t pitch your tent against the one who God is backing remember Moses sister and brother. Miriam and Aaron spoke against him and the Bible records that God heard them Numbers 12. What followed was not platable at all. All these are written for our instruction.

May the Lord grant us more understanding.

Toyin Fatunsin.


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
Founder, gospelfilmsng