Best in Pressing neck – Reaction as Judy Austin includes Yul and his father Pete Edochie among cast in her new movie.

Nollywood actress Judy Austin in a recent post has announced her new movie titled ‘The God Father’ is on the way.

Judy Austin, who was excited about the movie in production went on to list her husband Yul Edochie and his dad Pete Edochie, among the cast for the new production

She wrote on her Instagram page: “Our first production of the year!!! THE GOD FATHER!!! This movie is going to drop like an explosion!!! Packed with the best actors in the game!!!

See her post below:

Netizens react as Judy Austin list Pete and Yul Edochie among the cast for new movie

See some of the reactions below

treashyoly: “A desperate woman can even swim the red Sea …and Karma might take time but must surely Come….. Adding Pete Edochie will not still make you a wonderful wife….. Okirika can never be regarded as Turkey wear…. Enjoy while it last.”

jaliaismail7: “Bh u gal, how do u honestly feel after ruining some ones marriage ehhhhhh yo courage is f world cup bh honestly u deserve he’ll. Imagine calling yo self yul …….”

janiloveahimahnaa: “Madam leftover everyone knows your name why won’t you tattoo Yuledochie all over your body and keep him in cabinet for us to know u are the owner.”

vin_vivy2: “Husband,wife and father in law in one movie e choke .”

chy_4_life: “Am loving what am seeing here, father in law inclusive in this movie, she is accepted in the family already, for those fabricating stories of what Pete didn’t say, u guys can now see it, on line in-laws rest in Jesus name Amen.”

chika_duru25: “If you critics don’t like Mrs Judy then stop flying to her page to insult her as if you’re better than her.kindly block and unfollow her.periodtt.”

janevangeli: “A couple that works together lasts forever..”

Yul Edochie advises fans on love

Meanwhile, SM reported that Yul Edochie came under fire after he penned a motivational message about love.

Yul, who has repeatedly been criticized since getting married to a second wife, in his message reminded his fans that they can’t live forever, hence, the need to love their creator and neighbours.

The actor further urged his followers to learn to assist according to their capabilities.