Part 45
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The whole court turned to see Douglas as he was shouting and saying he wasn’t the one that took care of this lady. There was a little disorder in the court. As a policeman stopped Douglas from going out.

Douglas: Officer why are you blocking my way? Excuse me! I want to go out.

Officer: The case is still on sir and the lady just involved you in it so you just can’t leave yet. I’m sorry.

Douglas: But I have somewhere I have to be right this very minute. So please, if you don’t mind kindly step out of my way.

The lady still at the interrogation box has sensed that Douglas was trying to get away from the court and so she quickly shouted.

Lady: Please don’t let that man go o, don’t let him leave abeg. He is my witness in this case and he can’t leave.

The judge signalled that Douglas be brought forward.

Douglas: Me? God forbid! Do I know you? How can you say I am your witness? Are we related? What kind of talk is that? How am I your witness? Do you know me?

Lady: Ah! Mr. Douglas, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to deny me? Because if that’s what you are trying to do, you better have a rethink because it won’t end well.

Douglas became quiet.

Pastor Chuks’s Lawyer: Young lady what are you talking about? How is this man involved in this case?

Douglas: Lawyer, please o, I am not involved in this case o, Pastor Chris here is my pastor and I just came here to support him, I don’t know this lady and I don’t know what she is talking about o? (He turned to the lady) and you, do I know you? Do you know me? Why are you trying to drag me into what does not concern me? Was I there when Pastor Chris raped you? Why are you calling my name?

Lady: See this man o, hehehehe (she laughed sarcastically clapping her two hands) make una see this man o, so you think you can push me into lion’s den mouth and then abandon me. Oya let me kukuma talk.
She turned and face the judge.

”Oga judge, oga lawyer please don’t be angry, let me just say the truth. This Pastor Chris you are seeing here ehn, he is innocent”

The whole court shouted ”eh” as she continued.

Lady: He is innocent o. There was nothing like rape. Me as I am here and as you are seeing me, I am a commercial sex worker, a well known ashawo.

There was an uproar in the court as the clerk shouted ”order”. She continued.

Lady: I was on my own jejeje when this man came to me, he said his name is Douglas and that he has a Job for me o. He said this job was a very simple one and he would pay me 500k for it. How can I reject that kind of job that will pay me 500k when my ashawo work will give me just 1k in a day and 30k in a month. He told me that all I needed was to convince everyone that Pastor Chris here, that he raped me. ”Eh! ” the people shouted.

That fateful day. (She continued) This Douglas told me to go to Pastor Chris’s house, when we got to the church compound I hid behind his car. Then he came down and asked the gateman of the church to go and buy something for him. When the gateman left, he personally took me to Pastor Chris house. The door was opened. I asked him how he knew the door would be opened. He said that Pastor Chris had invited a carpenter who also works for him to come and fix the door. And that the carpenter was at his house working when he got the call from Pastor Chris that his door was bad and cannot be locked. He said he was the one that engaged the carpenter and lured him with much money so that he wouldn’t be chanced to come and fix the door.

He told me what to do and arranged the torn clothes. Then he hid me inside the wardrobe in Pastor Chris’s room and left. He also planted the three guys and the lady who came to break the door open when they heard me shouting.

When Pastor Chris came out of the bathroom he was surprised. He never touched me. I was the one that tried to drag his towel. And that day was the first time ever that I saw him. I didn’t know him before neither have I gone to him for any special prayer before. This man Douglas here orchestrated and planned everything.

Before she finished her statement, Pastor King and Pastor Chris had knelt down, they raised their hands to heaven appreciating God with tears falling from Pastor Chris’s eyes. Even Happiness joined them in kneeling down as they sang praises to God.

Douglas: It is a lie o! She is lying! What are you talking about?

Lady: Who is lying? Officer see my phone, this is the first 300k he transferred to me as advance for the job. When things went sour and the case came to court. I told him I was backing out but he assured me that Pastor Chris’s lawyer was working for him that I shouldn’t be scared and so he promised to add another 200k to my money. Just yesterday he transferred 300k to me. See the alert here. (She showed the policemen and the lawyer the evidence) My balance with him is 100k. He promised to send that one after the case. And now he is trying to deny me and run away.

As soon as the judge saw the phone messages he ordered for the immediate arrest of the lady and Douglas who was by now already peeing on himself as handcuffs was placed on him.

Lady: See you! You don day piss for body. I go down, you go down with me. Rubbish!

The judge also ordered that Pastor Chris be released immediately and the case was adjourned to the 2nd week of the following month.
Pastor King could not hold back his joy. Even though he was surprised at what Douglas did.

Sister Happiness who was so excited raised a song and Pastor Chris joined her and before you know it the whole court was singing.

”Can God change?
My God will never change
Can God change?
My God will never change

The same yesterday, today and forever,
Can God change?
My God will never change!


Part 46
©️ Excel Rhymez a.k.a Mummy E

Pastor King could not contain his joy as he threw a party in church to welcome home Pastor Chris. It was so surprising as the whole church was jam packed with people. It was during the party that Mrs. Odogwu ran inside the church and went straight to the altar crying on her knees.

Mrs. Odogwu: Pastor please help me, please help my husband. I know we are not worthy of your mercy but please have mercy, forgive us please. My husband is dying please we need you. Pastor please!

The party was immediately stopped as Pastor King gave the woman a listening ear.

Pastor King: Woman what is wrong with your husband?

Mrs Odogwu: My husband was involved in a terrible accident on his way from a meeting attended here. Since then he has been unconscious until two days ago when he regained consciousness.

She quickly dipped her hand in her purse and brought out the note that Odogwu had written for her. She stretched it to Pastor King who read and shook his head.

Mrs Odogwu: Please pastor! I know what we did is unforgivable but I am begging you on my knees, I am begging you all, Pastor Chris I am begging you, I am begging the entire church, please don’t allow my husband to die and go to hell, please. (She cried out, rolling from one end of the church to the other shouting and wailing) God have mercy, Lord have mercy, please forgive me, forgive my husband. Forgive oh Lord. Please forgive us o.

Pastor Chris spoke with Pastor King for a while, and then they urged the congregation to continue with the party and enjoy themselves as there was lot to eat and drink. They all entered into Pastor King’s car and drove straight to the hospital.

Pastor Chris could not hold back his tears when he saw Odogwu struggling to speak but couldn’t. He hurriedly grabbed a pen and paper and wrote on it.

”Pastor Chris I am glad you are here, please forgive me, forgive me Pastor King forgive me. I can’t begin to give reasons why I did all I did but all I can say is have mercy and pray for me, please pray for me I don’t want to go to hell.”

Mrs. Odogwu confessed on behalf of her husband how he had deceived the pastors in making him pastor of the new branch. She cried and begged for mercy.

As Odogwu was writing he was shivering in fear and Pastor King and Chris understood that of a truth he has seen hell.

They both prayed for him and assured him that God has forgiven him and all will be well with him. He also wrote on a paper that after the prayers he now felt an inner peace within him. He told them that the church would be restored back to It’s original name and purpose.
Before the men of God left, they gave Odogwu and his wife money to support the hospital bills.

They decided to pay a visit to the new church before going back to their party. When they arrived there they were shocked at what they saw.

Deacon Igho had emptied the church. He had carried the instruments and valuable things in the church and left to an unknown destination.

Pastor King: we have a lot to do pastor, we will start from the scratch.

Pastor Chris: Yes Pastor! With God we can do anything and we will build the house of God again. They turned and left the place back to their party.


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