judas in the church by Excel Rhymez a.k.a Mummy E

Part 43
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Mrs Odogwu had vowed never to step her legs in that church again. She was also going to make sure that when her husband stands up or get well, he won’t go back to the church. Since her husband was brought to this hospital all she does is cry and cry.

Mr Odogwu finally opened his eyes and gradually was able to sit down but he couldn’t speak. Each time he tried to talk he ends up struggling to breathe and coughing. Mrs Odogwu had to run to call the doctor.

The doctor checked Odogwu and demanded for some tests to be carried out on him. The tests was done and in few minutes the result was ready.

Doctor: Mrs Odogwu I’m afraid that the accident must have affected your husband’s speech and he may not be able to speak for some time.

Mrs Odogwu: okay, what is the “some time?” How long is the “some time?”

Doctor: Madam we are not certain about the time, it may take weeks or months, or even years I can’t give you a specific time. He may not even talk again but God forbid it.

Mrs Odogwu: Amen o (she started crying) she turned to her husband. Honey, if you can hear me please nod your head.

Odogwu nodded.

Mrs Odogwu: Honey did you hear all the doctor said, do you understand it?

Odogwu nodded.

Mrs Odogwu: okay, that’s a good start, I will get you a paper and a Biro, so that if you have anything to tell me you just write for me okay?

Odogwu nodded again.

Mrs Odogwu opened her bag and brought out a pen and a Biro and handed them over to Odogwu. Odogwu drafted out something on the paper and gave it back to his wife. Who held it and read it loud.

”Please send for Pastor King, I need him to pray for me”

Hot tears flowed from her eyes as she watched her husband who was still struggling to write. Finally, when he was done he gave her the note.

”Honey, this is my second chance, I died and went to hell, an angel told me that I was there because I was a selfish person, a liar, a cheat and worst of all that I turned the house of God into my personal business place and took possession of it leading people astray and to hell. I begged and begged to be forgiven. I did not know how but I suddenly woke up and found myself here. Please send for Pastor King, I need him to pray for me, I need him to take back his church, I need him to beg God for me to not send me to hell. Honey please call me Pastor King please.”

Mrs Odogwu could not hold back her tears as she kept reading the note over and over again. She saw how scared her husband looked and she saw him crying from his heart. She quickly kept the note on her bag and ran out of the hospital in search of Pastor King.

Part 44
©️ Excel Rhymez a.k.a Mummy E

The court gathered and everyone sat quietly waiting. Barrister Thomas re-invited the lady back to the interrogation box.

Thomas: Young lady! In the few hours of recess I’ve had time to go through your statement and some things are not straight forward and if possible I will want you to clarify them for me.

Firstly at 36 you are unmarried and then a single man of God invited you to his house and you went there and the next thing you claimed was that he wanted to rape you. I find this really strange for someone who is urgently looking for a man. Most ladies will see this as an opportunity to grab and marry this man.

”Objection your honour, my honourable colleague is embarrassing my client” her lawyer shouted.

Judge: Objection sustained

”Sorry! Your Honour” the Barrister Thomas said, I will rephrase my statement.

Thomas: Sister, I also noticed you said Pastor Chris came and then demanded to go and take his bath. For someone who has kept you waiting and it was getting really late, I find it a little bit strange that you would just agree to stay and wait patiently and you know very well that it was not an all night meeting.

Lady: I was the one in need of prayer so I had to wait.

Thomas: Interesting! And another thing I found really strange is that, Pastor Chris called you to come up to his room and you went. Then immediately he grabbed you, is that correct?

Lady: Yes sir! That is correct.

Thomas: This means you were the last to enter into the room right?

Lady: (feeling uneasy) What is your point sir?

Thomas: Is that correct or not?

”Objection! Your Honour, the defence is badgering my client” her lawyer shouted.

Thomas: Your Honour! There is a point I am trying to prove and I need her to answer me so as for me to get there.

Judge: Objection overruled! Answer the question.

Lady: Ye ye yes (she stammered) I was the last to enter the room.

Thomas: And you said the pastor tore off your clothes and forced himself on you right?

Lady: Yes!

Turning to the judge the lawyer said

Thomas: Your honour! According to her she was the last person to enter the room and without saying or doing anything the pastor jumped on her and beat her up and then raped her. From the story told by both party the door was locked. Now my question is, if you are the last person to enter the room it means you locked the door and why would you do that? And if you are not the one who locked the door, it means Pastor Chris’s story is the truth. For he said he locked the door when he went in and that means you were already in the room, probably hiding somewhere waiting for him to come so that you can lie and frame him up.

”Objection! My Lord” her lawyer shouted, but Barrister Thomas ignored her and continued!

”Your Honour these are the clothes she claimed was torn by Pastor Chris. If you look carefully sir, you will see these are scissors cut and not hand cut. There is a difference between when a hand tears a cloth and when there is a neat cut and this is obviously a neat cut” he carried the clothes and showed them to the judge who looked at them carefully and shook his head.

Thomas: Your Honour! I demand that this be kept and recorded as exhibit. (he submitted the clothes to the police who wraped and took them away). Your Honour! This lady also claimed that my client sent her a text and that they’ve been in communication before that very day. Your honour! I would love to request that this lady present to the court the text message sent by Pastor Chris to her.

The judge nodded his head in approval to what the lawyer had requested.

Lady: Please I didn’t keep the text, I have deleted it already.

Thomas: Madam! You know that there is a court case and nothing is to be tampered with. Why would you delete it. Anyways, no problem. Can you please show us or call it out for us Pastor Chris’s phone number?

Lady: I don’t have it either. How can I be keeping the number of someone who raped me. I have deleted it.

Thomas: (smiles) Young lady! I put it to you that you don’t have this man’s number and he never sent you any text message. You were hired to set this man of God up and you lied about having his phone number and a fake text message. I also put it to you that you cut your clothes by yourself with a scissors and dropped them on the floor of his room to make it seem like he tore them and you were never beaten or raped. If not, you would have gone to the hospital for treatment.

The lady quickly pointed to Douglas who by now was trying to walk out of the court.

”He was the one who took care of me, he (Mr. Douglas). He took care of me. He was the one. Ask him.

The whole court turned and looked at Deacon Douglas who was already scared and terrified.

Douglas: Who? Me? Noooo o! It was not me o. II did not take care of anybody o. Not me o.

The whole court was by now staring at him.


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