Part 37
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When Odogwu left, the place was quiet and then Pastor King told them to rise for prayers.

King: My dear heavenly Father. I thank you for this gathering. As we have gathered to dialogue sweet Holy Spirit come and be in our midst. Anyone with a negative mind here, anyone with bad intentions, anyone who is acting as a spy. Anyone who wants to fight with you. Father we ask that you expose and disgrace them in the name of Jesus. Whatever intentions which we have gathered here today. If it is for our good place your sweet spirit in it, but if it is for our bad, expose and disgrace in the name of Jesus. Thank you sweet Jesus in your victorious name I have prayed. Amen

”Amen ” they all chorused as they took their seats.

Elder Joseph: Pastor King we are here to know what your plans is for the church?

King: plans for the church? How do you mean?

Elder Mike:he meant what is the way forward for the church since that boy who is your assistant has been jailed?

King: He has not been jailed. He is only remanded in prison until the next hearing which is in a week’s time.

Douglas: it is all the same, weather remanded now or later it is the same thing. When they finally finish the case and he is sentenced, is it not the same thing?

Elders: it is the same.

King: He won’t be sentenced, he will be free.

Elder Joseph: anyways we don’t know about that, we came because you have to chose a new assistant pastor to assist and head this church. We cannot say because one rapist is in prison we will now put our beloved church on hold. Never.

Elder Mike: Even if that boy is freed he can no longer be our pastor.

Douglas: he is not even supposed to be a member of the church anymore. He should be driven out. Because if we leave him here it will scare people from the church. Our daughters won’t be safe here, our wives won’t be safe. How then can we worship God in spirit and in truth with fear in our hearts. So it is better we send him away before he kills the little glory left in the church.

King: my elders and deacons, the glory of God is not brought down by man, the glory of God comes at the will of God. And nothing can bring it down. As for chosing a new assistant, God has not told me that. When he speaks I will listen and obey. For now Pastor Chris remains our pastor.

Douglas: And the church continues to take care of his court case? Do you know how long this case will take? And how long will the church continue to carry his responsibility.

King: As long as it takes Douglas. The church of God will stand by our pastor until the very end. Besides Douglas I don’t see why you suddenly have the church interest at heart, and you suddenly now care for the money spent in the church. Didnt you sell your so called special oil to church members for 5,000 naira? Did you care where they got the money from or how they got it? Didn’t you leave the church and went to open a prayer house doing miracles and conducting deliverances on people? How come this same church you abandoned suddenly become of interest to you?

Douglas: I do not know where you heard or got your Info’s from but I do care about this church and that’s all that matters.

Pastor King smiles.

King: Deacon Douglas, you cannot hide it from God, God knows and sees the heart of every man and no matter the things you cover and hide from men, you cannot hide them from God. My elders I have this to say before I step into my room. Pastor Chris remains the assistant pastor of this church and this church will continue to stand and support him till the very end. Even if the whole church turns their back on us, as far as God remains on our side, our victory is assured. And be rest assured that judgement will definitely fall on anyone that has a hand in this. The church of God will stand and the gates of hell will not prevail against it

Pastor King got up and walked away from the men who sat down speechless watching him leave.

Part 38
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The accident was a terrible one. But the crowd managed to drag him out and carried him straight to the hospital. There was blood everywhere and people were not even sure if he would survive the accident or not.

It was Deacon Igho that first heard the news and he ran straight to his house shouting, ”mama, mama, mama” Mrs Odogwu who has been feeling funny since her husband left the house jumped up in fear and dashed outside the house. From the look on his face, she knows something was obviously wrong.

Mrs Odogwu: what is it? Where is my husband? What happened to my husband?

Deacon Igho: Mama, you have to come with me o, just pick your bag and come with me.

Mrs Odogwu: Come with you where? Where is my husband? What has happened to my husband?

Deacon Igho: I just had a call, they said he was involved in a terrible motor accident and he is in a critical state.

Mrs Odogwu: Jesus o, (She fell on the ground crying) where is he? How is he? Where did they take him to? Where is he now?

Deacon Igho: All these your questions I don’t have answers to them o, come let’s just go to the hospital where they took him to.

Mrs Odogwu ran inside got her purse and together they rushed to the hospital. Outside the hospital was a small crowd. Churxh members. The news had gone round that Pastor Odogwu was involved in an accident and so they all rushed to the hospital.

When Mrs Odogwu got to the ward where Odogwu was laid, the sight of her husband brought her to tears.

Mrs Odogwu: honey, is that you? Jesus o, what happened, can you talk to me? Honey please talk to me.

Odogwu couldn’t say anything because he was in so much pain.

Mrs Odogwu: I told you not to go for that meeting but you wouldn’t listen to me, I told you not to go. You are just too stubborn. Now see what happened. If only you had listened to me. You wouldn’t be here. See now, see! (She continued crying).

Deacon Igho: Madam, it is okay he will be fine, pastor is a strong man. I’m sure he will get past this.

Mrs Odogwu: Which pastor? Which pastor? Can’t you see what is happening? This is God already releasing his punishment on my husband and you are saying pastor what?

Deacon Igho: How do you mean? What punishment I don’t understand.

Mrs Odogwu: What is it you don’t understand? You are a very wicked man o. You always give my husband bad advice. You should be the one on that bed and not my husband.

Deacon Igho: mama, I don’t understand. What are you talking about?

Mrs Odogwu: Don’t mama me, who is your mama? All my husband wanted was to be a pastor and he got it but you came with your evil suggestion to take the church and then against Pastor King which we did. Now this is the repercussion and you are there calling me mama. Which mama is that?

Deacon Igho: But mama, the accident is just a coincident and has nothing to do with the church.

Mrs Odogwu: Please just leave us alone with all your wicked advises. You are so filled with evil. You are the one that lured my husband to take over the church and now he is suffering alone. God will punish you. Get out of this place just get out.

Deacon Igho was confused, he didn’t understand anything that Mrs Odogwu was saying. However he left.


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