Part 3
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Mrs and Mrs Odogun in their car home were laughing so hard. Mrs Odogun could not hold back the tears that followed. Odogun had to ask his wife. ”Is it so funny”? ”Yes o,” it is funny, it is very funny, brother Chris that is not even able to buy a pair of good trousers for himself. Did you even see the one he was wearing today?”

”Honey I saw it to, pastor King should just say he pities him and that is why he chose him as the new assistant pastor, if not who is brother Chris? Is it not Chris? Chris when never fit baff and chop?” ”My husband I tire o, you see the way he walked up to the alter, and started talking, am sure that Chris will even have small mouth odour, or is it poverty that still scattered his mouth like that? She starts laughing again.

”No no no dear, he does not have mouth odour, I’ve spoken with him at close range before.” Odogun answered. His wife was shocked, ” you mean am? You mean you spoke with that Chris in close range? What could you be possibly discussing with him?” ” Nothing o dear, he just came to borrow two thousand naira from me that’s all” she burst out laughing again. ”And did you give him”? She asked! ”Give him what? I told him in don’t have, that day the money with me was the one I was using to go and buy you ice cream and Burger, then also to buy some suya. So I told him I didnt have”.

”Ah, but pastor King do this one sha, in the full church. He couldn’t select a handsome and clean guy that knows how to baff, he went to chose that Chris. Did you see the way he was rolling on the ground with that his condemned white shirt? Am sure that shirt is what he will still wear tomorrow to church.” Mrs Odogun lamented. Odogun smiled before answering. ”He get luck sha, the church will now take care of his needs. His rent, his food, his clothes and even pay him a food salary.”. ”Yes o, he is one lucky guy. The wife replied before she quickly added.

”Honey, did you see deacon Duncan’s face? When they called Chris as the new pastor. He won die o, I think he was eyeing the position” are you serious? Odogwu asked, yes o my dear, his face was like shit. Odogwu could not hold back his laughter as he kept driving on, ”But I saw him greeting and congratulating Chris”.

”I saw him too dear, but I can tell you that, that congratulation nor come from he mind. He just did it for doing sake. You need to see the way he and deacon Igho were carrying their frustration to that his 1960 car”, she burst into laughter again. Even the car was frustrated by their frustration that it refused to start, he had to march it hard before the car made that its cassava engine noise griiiin, griiinnn, hahaha hahaha” she continued her laughing.

Odogun laughed behind his wife. And then he said. ”Pastor King eh, he has this soft spot for Chris sha, that is why he made him his assistant. And the both of them are birds of the same feather, if not for church that has polished King, dont you know he would be worse than Chris?” Its true my dear, Mrs odogun replied, ”with all the money and car and care church gives to him he still doesn’t know how to dress. See the expensive trouser he wore today and the thing still didnt look good on him. Did you notice that the trouser bent to one direction?” Oh my wife odogun answered you saw it too, he starts laughing. ”I even took my time to access the belt, he misplaced the pin so the pin was pointing upwards like, I salute to Jesus”. They burst into laughter again

”If he had chosen deacon Wealth now ehn, we will know we has a pastor”.

Duncan immediately stopped the car. ”What do you mean by that? How can they chose Deacon wealth when I am here, is he more handsome than I am or does he dress more than I am? That one that does not even shave his moustache well. Did you notice tooth paste on his moustache?

Mrs Odogun immediately apologized, no my husband its not like that, I didnt know all the members of the church would be considered, I was thinking they would chose only from the deacons fold. Of course you are more handsome than that deacon. And you have more swag, you are more than qualified for the position. Pastor king sef.

Odogun started the car again and they continues their gossips analyzing every single member that came to church and the clothes they wore that day.


Part 4
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Brother Chuks was the last to leave church that day. He congratulated pastor Chris and was praying for him that the Lord will use him mightily in Redemption Power Ministries.

Pastor Chris on the other hand told brother Chuks how he loved thew way he sings and is leading the choir. He then told brother Chuks that worship connects him to God and encouraged him to keep up with the good work he is doing for God. When brother Chuks turned to leave, pastor Chris stopped him.

”Brother Chuks I have a favor to ask of you. I am a lover of music especially worship songs. I do not know when I’d be called upon to preach. But I wanna request that whenever I am called upon to minister, please sing one those your holy spirit moving worship songs” Brother Chuks nodded as he replied pastor Chris saying that was not a problem.

”Pastor I have allowed myself to be swallowed up in God. Singing is what He has called me to do and that is what I’d continue to do. By his mighty power I will do my best and I pray the holy spirit continue to bless souls through my ministrations.” They both chorused ”amen” and brother Chuks left church.

Brother Chuks was a young handsome man that was admired by all the ladies in the church. Even married women sometimes rhow complements at him. His nice body and melodious voice plus the way he carries himself with much swags made the girls in the church go crazy about him.

So many girls wanted to throw themselves at him but he had always told them that he has someone that Hod had chosen for him as his wife. He never forgot to remind the girls who never get tired of coming around him whenever they were in church. Because of his constant reminder to them of a girl they’ve never met and his constant preaching of how he was burning with desire for the Lord many of the girls kept their admirations to themselves.

One of those girls was sister Happiness. Sister Happiness has secretly admired brother Chuks and has wished countless times that he was hers. Every time when brother Chuks sings in church she just wishes that she could reveal to him him she feels. She has sent him a love letter once anonymously. She even went as far as buying a new sim card and sending him love text messages but he never replies any of them. The only time he ever replied was one day and his words were. ” who are you? Reveal yourself to me” But sister Happiness was too shy or scared or embarrassed to reveal herself to him. Instead she allowed herself lost in her own wishes and imaginations.

She had returned from church immediately after congratulating the new assistant pastor, she had made food and eaten then slept off. She stayed alone in her one room apartment, her parents were in another town and it was because of her work that she moved to this place. The continuous knock on her door woke her up. She grabbed her phone and checked the time it was some few minutes past 6pm. She wondered who it was that was knocking on her door. She had no friends and she wasn’t expecting anyone. But she got up to answer and check who it was. Her heart skipped when she saw brother Chuks standing right her door.

”Jesus! Brother Chuks what are you doing here? Please come in”. ”Thank you”, he said and stepped right in. Sister Happiness offered him a chair.

The room was a small room that contained a bathroom and a kitchen. In the room was a table and a chair, a small wardrope and a small bed.

”Welcome sir, to my small room” what do I offer you”? She asked. ”You can give me anything you have” Brother Chuks replied. Sister Happiness quickly opened her bag and brought out a can malt she had collected earlier from a wedding she attended the previous day. Thank God she hadn’t drank it she muttered to herself.

Sir Chuks, to what do I owe this visit? Brother Chuks looked at her and smiled. It was then she realised he was just coming from church. ”Have you been in the church since morning?” She asked. ”Yes dear, I had to make sure everything was in shape and in the right place before I left” he replied.

His passion for God made sister Happiness even admires him the more. ”May God bless you for your devotion to him”

They both chatted for a while and before you know what was happening it was almost 7.30pm in the night. ”Oh sweet Jesus” sister Happiness jumped up. I didnt realize it was this late. ” brother Chuks checked his time and also jumped up. ” I have to go” he quickly picked his Bible and got up to leave. ”You may not get a bike anymore o. Once its 7pm bike stop coming to this place o, and its already 7.30pm. However let’s try” yes o, we have to brother Chuks replied.

And so they went out and tried to get a bike but they found none. They started stopping private car owners but no body stopped for them.

Brother Chuks, am so sorry but I dont think you can get a bike anymore. We’ve been standing for almost an hour now. ” oh my God!” Brother Chuks said looking frustrated, my place is like 3hours from here if I should treck, what do I do now?”

Sister Happiness thought for a while before answering. ”Brother Chuks please dont be offended o, but why dont you just pass the night?”’. ”What”? He exclaimed, ”yes, the truth is you won’t get a bike anymore so I suggest you pass the night then tomorrow morning you leave as early as possible. She replied.

”But won’t that send a wrong message to your neighbours?” Brother Chuks asked. ”OH no dear, you will leave as early as possible, let’s say 6am. Before they will start getting up you must have left” she replied.

”Are you sure of this?” Brother Chuks asked again. ”I am very sure sir come on let’s go, besides its an honour having you in my house tonight, there are many songs you will teach me before morning”

Together they walked back inside the compound.


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