Part 27
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Pastor King and Chris sat in their office discussing the events of the last few weeks.

Since deacon Douglas stormed out of their office and sent that lady to seduce pastor Chris, he hasn’t returned to church. Him and his family disappeared front the church.

Pastor King had tried to call him severally but he has refused to pick his calls and has ignored all the invites sent to him.

Instead he had gone ahead and started a miracle centre at his house. He called it a miracle solution centre. The story had gone round how he sells a special anointing oil, how he does deliverance for ladies seeking for husbands and children. He has even gone as far as taken ladies to the stream to bath them in the names of cleansing. His story had gotten to the ears of pastor Chris and King and they sat discussing about it.

”I am really shocked at deacon Douglas, I never expected such from him.” Pastor King said. He is even into deliverance and healing now. I heard that plenty people are trooping down to his place.”

”Pastor you know the world lives miracles, they dont want to know weather you are using God’s power or any other power, as long as they see miracle they are okay.” Pastor Chris added.

”Thank God I returned when God asked me to, if not only God knows what would have happened in this church” pastor King added.

”Some members of our church left with him, even some deacons and deaconesses left with him too.” Pastor Chris said.

Pastor King: well that’s just how life it is. Some will stand with you while others will fall from you. But in all, God is still God and he sees the heart of all men and he will judge them accordingly. Our own is to continue doing the work he has called us to do. My prayer is that we do not fall by the way side and God helps us to stand till the end.

”Amen” pastor Chris replied!


Part 28
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Meanwhile in the hospital, Happiness encouraged Gift to speak up but she felt adamant and is only interested in protecting Chuks.

Gift: I dont want to hurt MD. He loves me and he promised to settle with me, this pregnancy was just a mistake and I dont want to destroy his ministry with this. He loves God and this will destroy him. How can I say the truth now.

Happiness: just look at you, see the way you are defending someone that you know nothing about.

Gift: what do you mean by that. I know him very well.

Happiness: The pregnancy was a mistake, the staphylococcus was it a mistake too?

Gift: What? Sta what?

Happiness: Be there asking me like you dont know what I’m talking about. Tell me you didnt experience itching after your sex escapade with him, and tell me you didnt go for treatment , infection treatment.

Gift puts her head down in shame.

Gift: I did, (she answers slowly) but how did you know (she asked raising her head) I tried to make sure nobody sees me, so how did you know? Besides I dont think its his fault. Maybe I got it through toilet or something.

Happiness: Dont be so stupid. I can’t believe you are so dumb. Lemme just spill the beans to you. Your so called holy righteous Chuks also gave me Staphylococcus, thank God its not HIV. twice I went to treat for that infection and as I sit here with you I am pregnant for him.

Gift: what? No no, I dont believe you, you are just saying this so that I will speak the truth. I dont believe you.

Happiness: see you, and what is my own if you lie or not. If you like you believe me, if you like you dont, that’s your business. Where do you think I was coming from when I saw you on the road crying. Lemme tell you that I was coming from your self righteous MD’s house. Where I went to inform him I was pregnant. And he bluntly denied me. He denied me. After sleeping with me on two different occasions. Well I dont have anything to say to him now. But I know God will surely expose him.

Gift was crying heavily by now.

Gift: sister Happy please tell me its not true, please because I am ready to endure the shame alone just to save his face.

Happiness: you are still there thinking of how to save his face. After you almost died. Well be there. Am glad you are awake I am going home now. In the evening I will go see our pastor and I will tell them everything because one thing I am very sure of is that I am not going to abort my baby.

Gift: so you will confess? Won’t you be ashamed?

Happiness: its better to be ashamed than risk my life. Not everything I’ve seen you go through. I can’t do that.

Gift: what if he keeps denying you.

Happiness: Let him deny. God will stand by me because He knows the truth. I will beg him for mercy and I will also beg my family for mercy.they will be disappointed but I know they will forgive me and accept us. (She said rubbing her stomach, Gift began to cry)

Gift: if only I knew, if only I am as strong as you are. What if I had died during this abortion I would have gone to hell.

Happiness: stop crying. The deed is done already. You have to move on. You have to ask God for mercy and move on. As for me I’d be with our pastors by 5pm. Its time to come out clean.


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