Part 19
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”Pa pa pastor, Douglas stammered, you returned early hope all is well? ”Pastor Chris looked at him before answering ” all is well, Pastor Douglas. How was the service?”

”Never been better” Douglas replied with a big smile. I’m on my way home, he continued. ”So soon? Why are you in such a hurry? ” Chris asked, staring at the bag in his hands. ”Ah , nothing o, I just have few things to do at home that’s all. Goodbye ” he said and hurried away.

Pastor Chris entered his office wondering what pastor Douglas might have done that is making him uncomfortable. He sat down and recollected all that transpired between him and Pastor Odogwu. He was still in shock of what happened. He decided to call Pastor King.

After a very long hour of conversation, Pastor King finally spoke.

”Pastor, it is all my fault, I remember you telling me to shift the opening of the church so as to create time to pray, but I didn’t listen. I guess this is the result of my impatience. I do not know what to say about this. My vision is becoming more clearer to me. We cannot go and fight Odogwu or lay claims to the church. We fight our battles in prayers. Firstly, we will ask for mercy from God for not waiting to hear from him before deciding. Now Odogwu is misleading HIS people and it is all my fault. We need to ask Him for mercy for that.

Secondly, I will call and speak with pastor Douglas, I don’t like the fact that he is doing things on his own. The two of you are supposed to be working together.”

”That is the issue pastor, once i tell Douglas something so we can pray and plan together, he turns it into a fight and then gets angry. Once I am not around he changes every single thing I’ve done turning the people against me. I don’t know what to do anymore.” Pastor Chris complained.

”It is okay my pastor. The Lord is your strength and he will see you through. And one more thing, I will be returning by next week. The Lord has told me it is time to come back”

”Really? Oh my God! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to have you back. The church can’t wait to have you back. We have really missed you and we are excited. ” Pastor Chris replied excitedly.

”Pastor Chris, please you must tell no one that I am coming back. I want it to be a surprise. So tell no one. On Sunday I will be in church. You will know when I arrive.”

”That’s no problem pastor. Oh I’m so glad. Thank God you are coming back. Let’s try to mend what has been broken. I really can’t do it on my own.”

”God bless you pastor. See you soon”.

Pastor Chris ended the call because someone was knocking on the door to his office. He stood up to see who it was. He met a young girl outside.

Girl: Good afternoon pastor.

Chris: God bless you sister, what can I do for you?

Girl: Pastor my daddy said I should bring one more special oil.

Chris: Special oil? What special oil he asked surprised.

Girl: The one Pastor Douglas and Pastor King brought from the mountain.

Chris: special oil, mountain, what mountain? I have no idea what you are talking about?

Girl: Pastor Douglas sold the oil today in the morning. He said it is a special oil that he and Pastor King brought from the mountain. He said you are very sick which made you not to be in church. May be that’s why you are not aware.

Chris: Me, sick? God forbid it! I am not sick. (He paused for a while thinking but then he finally spoke) Anyways tell your daddy that there is no special oil here okay!

Girl: oh oh oh! Okay, it means it is finished. Anyways he said I should drop this 10,000 for the two oil he earlier collected. Since Pastor Douglas is not around I hope I can drop it with you

Pastor Chris was shocked to hear the amount called.

Chris: 10,000 naira? How much did he sell the oil?

Girl: one is 5,000 naira per one. My daddy collected two.

Chris: Blood of Jesus! (He collected the money from the girl and dropped it at Douglas’s table) it’s, okay, you can go. God bless you child.

The girl turned and left and Chris called the security man.

”Are you aware of the special oil that Pastor Douglas sold today in church?” He asked.

”Yes pastor, I helped the usher Sister Ann, to carry it inside his office. ”

Chris: And how many did he sell.

Security: I can’t really say now but I’m sure it was more than 10cartons.

Chris: Jesus is Lord! At 5,000 naira each. It is okay you can go back.

Pastor Chris stood with his hands folded round his body thinking what is going on? How did the church get to this level?

Part 20
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”Where is he? That scoundrel, that small boy that calls himself pastor, that rat that was born in my presence, where is he?” Douglas stormed the office pushing books and everything away from him, even the Bible on the table. When Pastor Chris heard and saw him coming, he stood and waited for him.

Douglas: So you are here, you are here and you are keeping your father quiet while I was shouting abi. You this stupid small boy. Let me tell you, you and I are not mates, in case you don’t know. It is your father and I that are mates and so don’t think because pastor King saw that you were dying of hunger and had pity on you and decided to choose you as his assistant don’t think that it has become a yardstick for you to forget your seniors.

Pastor Chris: with all due respect sir, Pastor King didn’t chose me, God did.

Douglas: Shut up there! Does God know you? I am asking you, does God know you? God did not see the deacons and deaconesses of this church it is you he saw abi. because you are the most righteous and the most holy one amongst us all abi? Let me tell you, if you feel because you are next to Pastor King you and I have become mates you lie. You hear me? Pastor King is not here and won’t be here for a long time, it is either you respect yourself and humble yourself before your elders or you face war.

Chris: Pastor Douglas, what is all this? This is a church for crying out loud. We are servants, we are called to serve the lord, you and I are not in competition over anything. Why are you acting as if we are enemies. We’ve never quarreled before and I have never disrespected you. Why are you now sounding as if I am your enemy?

Douglas: oh you don’t know? So you think you are my friend? Let me spill it out to you today. We are enemies o, we are not friends, we can never be friends. You have the effrontery to call Pastor King and report me to him ba? (He laughed wickedly) you don’t know what you did o. You don’t know what you just did.

Pastor Chris: I didn’t report you per say. I’m sorry if you feel that way. I just needed him to talk to you so that we can work together to build the church of God. We are supposed to be helping each other build the church not fighting.

Douglas: we will fight o, we will fight, I will fight you with everything I have. Work with who? You this small boy that was born yesterday, I should work with you? What do you know that I want to work with you? You didn’t report me yet you told him how I changed the date of a church program, you told him how I sold oil in the church. Let me even ask you, is it your oil? Is it your money? What is even your concern in the matter? Well! I have this to say to you, as you say I will not rest in this church you too will not rest. Mind your business and leave me alone. Pastor your way and let me pastor my way.

Chris: I can’t do that sir, we were called to serve together in the absence of our pastor. Besides the affairs of the church is my affairs, because I want the growth of the church and not the downfall.

Douglas: so it is me that want to bring down the church abi?

Chris : I didn’t say that na

Douglas: Don’t worry, don’t worry o. But always remember that we are two parallel lines. We can never meet. And one last advice for you boy. ”When you want to eat with the devil, use a very long spoon, a long one o”

Chris: And what do you mean by that sir?

Douglas: exactly what you understand it to be. Rubbish!

He storms out of the office with Pastor Chris staring at him.


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