Part 17
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It was Sunday and pastor Chris was excited to visit the new branch. He had earlier informed pastor Odogwu that he was coming to worship with them. And though he responded poorly he didn’t object.

When pastor Chris entered the church he was surprised to see many changes that had taken place in the church. In less than two months, the church had grown so big. The members were mainly youths, young girls and boys.

The boys were dressed like thugs and the girls were almost half naked.
”Blood of Jesus” pastor Chris exclaimed as he went inside the church and sat at one end of the church. He looked at the many big crosses that was hung on the wall, he looked at the different colours of candles burning at the altar. He was speechless.

And then Mrs Odogwu walked into the church, and the people cheered and clapped hailing and calling her ”Mama! Mama!” She had different shades of gold jewelries on, from her ear rings to her neck chain to her bangles were all gold. She saw pastor Chris behind but pretended not to. She walked straight to the altar and sat on a very big chair that was there.

The service started, the choir did a hip hop song as if the church was a club house. And then Deacon Igho took over the podium, he was the new assistant pastor of the church, Pastor Chris and Pastor King had no idea about this. He held the mic and asked the congregation to stand up and welcome the man of God, the bishop of the church, the one and only Reverend Odogwu.

Pastor Chris watched as the entire church stood up and welcomed Odogwu like a king. He was dressed like a bishop, he walked gallantly passed pastor Chris and took over the podium. And then he started preaching. He preached for about 30 minutes on BLESSING AND GIVING! pastor Chris listened as he preached and he felt it in his spirit that the Holy Spirit was not present in the church.

Pastor Chris was not even recognised or introduced in the church as anybody, instead the ushers kept pushing him back ward and backward and backward until he had no chair to sit on. He virtually stood throughout the service.

When they had closed he went over to Pastor Odogwu and Igho. He turned and looked at Igho. ”I didn’t know you were now an assistant here”, ”well now you know” Igho said.

”Brother Chris”, Odogwu began, to what do I owe this visit?

Pastor Odogwu, firstly I am not offended that you didn’t recognise that I came all the way from the main branch to worship here, but I am offended that a lot has been going on here and nobody knows anything about it.

”Nobody knows anything as in how,? Igho asked, turning to Odogwu, Reverend I don’t understand. What is this man talking about?

”Calm down my pastor, calm down and let me handle this. Odogwu said.

Chris: And since when did you become a Reverend. The last time I checked you were just made to pastor this branch just two months ago and you’ve suddenly risen up to become a Reverend? And what is this dressing style I’m seeing around, girls almost half naked? What is all of these? Candles burning at the altar? Where did all of these come from?

Odogwu: Listen erm pastor Chris or whatever you call yourself you have no right and I repeat, no right to come here and dictate to me how to run my church, like who the hell are you to do that?

Chris: what? Did I hear you right? Your church? Since when? For your information, nobody owns the church. The church is God’s church, not mine, not Pastor King and definitely not yours.

Odogwu and his wife with Deacon Igho burst out laughing loud and Pastor Chris wondered what was so funny that is making them laugh.

Mrs Odogwu; Chris I must commend you, you’ve really done well for yourself. Pastor King really did a good one on you. When he chose you to be his assistant.

Chris: He didn’t chose me, God did.

”Ahn whatever, I can see the position has polished you and changed your life. At least you now dress like a human being and not a zombie” she said. ”What?” Pastor Chris shouted, pastor Odogwu, you are here and your wife is insulting me?

Odogwu: She is not insulting you, she is simply telling you the truth. Abi Igho is that not so?

Igho: It is very so my Reverend.

Odogwu: Listen Chris, you are not welcomed here, so please take yourself and leave we have things to do.

Chris: I think it is time Pastor King steps into this.

Mrs Odogwu: and who is king? What can he do? What right does he have over our church.

Chris: what are you saying. He is the general overseer of this church and he needs to hear and see things for himself.

Igho: you are clearly stupid, sorry to say. There is only one general overseer that we know, that the people know and that is Reverend Odogwu.

”What has come over all of you? Or am I in the wrong place? Is this not Salvation Gospel Ministries anymore? What is going on here?

Odogwu: aha! Now I know your problem. You are in the wrong church Chris, this is not Salvation Gospel Ministries, this is Salvation Gospel Church of Christ Mission. So you see, you are in the wrong church.

Chris: Sweet Jesus! (He ran outside and looked at the sign post and saw it boldly written. Salvation Gospel Church of Christ Mission. Reverend Peters Odogwu. Chris went back inside. Odogwu, you changed the name of the church? A church that Pastor King and I struggled to open, you changed the name of the church?

Igho: hey hey listen, everyone knows that our Reverend here, spent more than 60% of his time and money when building this church so what are you now saying? Please please Reverend has people to see and attend to, your time is up.

Mrs Odogwu: yes, my husband is a very busy man. So if you don’t mind you can excuse us. Except you wanna come and be a member in our church. You are welcomed in that case.

Chris : Odogwu, how could you do this?

They all ignored him and walked away from him, leaving him there staring at them as they left.

Part 18
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Pastor Douglas had earlier sent one of the ushers to buy him 10 cartons of anointing oil and drop them in his office. As soon as he mounted the pulpit

Douglas: my brothers and sisters in the Lord I welcome you to church today. I want to inform you that God is going to do wonders today in church. For days now our Pastor King and I have been on a serious seven days fast. Even though he is not around he has initiated this fast. And I want to assure you today that you will experience deliverance like rain and the manifestation of God’s undiluted power in church today.

”Our able Pastor Chris is seriously sick and down with a serious disease that doctors aint given a name yet, and that is why he is not in the church today.” And so in one accord I want us to pray for him. That God will heal and deliver him from this sickness that wants to destroy him. Prayers!

The church stood up and prayed fervently for pastor Chris. Even though some of the members heard that pastor Chris has gone to visit the new branch they became confused. But they kept praying.

Douglas continued, ”let’s pray for God to disgrace any power that wants to disgrace our Pastor Chris in Jesus name. Prayers!”

Let’s take a pause and pray this prayer point.

”Dear Lord use my enemies to raise prayer points that will hunt them in Jesus name. Amen” Now let’s continue.

After the prayers, he asked them to sit down. And then he started preaching on ”the power in the oil” After praying he said:

Douglas: Pastor King and I after days of fasting and praying got an oil from the mount olive. This oil will do great things in your life. Heal the sick and do the unexpected. I’d be selling this oil to each members here. Because of the special anointing that has been released on this oil. It will be sold for 5,000 naira. So hurry now and get one for yourself and your family before it gets finished.

Peoole trooped out to collect the oil from the pastor. An oil he bought at one hundred and fifty Naira for one, he sold at five thousand Naira. He was beaming with smiles.

At the end of the service he was able to sell a whooping sum of 380,000 naira from the sales of the oil.

Douglas: sisters that seek husbands, use the oil on your faces and private parts and your husband will come, those who seek children use them on your stomach. Everyone has something to do with the oil.

He finally ended the service and everyone went home. Douglas felt satisfied with himself. And he wished King or Chris will never return.

He was shocked to see as Chris stepped into the church feeling very sad.


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