Joshua Mike-Bamiloye rants about the hypocrisy of some social media users

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, a producer of gospel music and an editor of gospel films, has taken to twitter to draw attention to some of the offensive behavior of many social media users, particularly with regard to Christian-related topics.

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye said that while the sons of men find it simple to criticize the church on any subject, they accept it when it pertains to the outside world.

He mentioned the attitudes of the sons of men to tithe/offering & gifts to pastors many of them consider as religious bondage, adoring men of God many consider Idolization, Christian music many tag ‘boring’ and also their dispositions to counter attacks.

Read Joshua Mike-Bamiloye’s post below

“Wanna vent a little. The double standard on this app… you spend on overpriced drinks in bars, or spend on pricey show tickets “it’s their money, they can spend as they like” But when it’s giving to the church or tithe or offering of blessing a pastor, it’s religious bondage.

When people openly shower their favorite musician or footballer with adoration or “I stan X till I DIE!” or defending them, It’s show of love, But when we respect a man of God, bless him or call ourselves “son of Pastor X”, etc, its “now you’re worshiping them?! Disgusting”

You can listen to countless songs talking about a girls and money and it’s “fresh”. But When we listen to songs that only talk about God and his awesomeness, the gospel and messages of Christ, “Christian music is boring and lack variety!, religious fanatics”

Very quick to talk down on a professed Christian that defends him/herself on social media when insulted, “and you call yourself a Christian” is the lame card , but they turn blind to the trash talk that led to the response. Okay I’m done. Hope your sunday was restful. Happy new week”

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye celebrates mom on her 59th birthday (Photos)

Sharing some beautiful pictures with her mom on his Instagram page on his mom’s 59th , the gospel film editor noted that his mother is a special, loving, diligent and rugged who has been a role model to many people across the world. He further prayed for her.

In his words;
“My beautiful mother is a year old today. The special, loving kind hearted diligent and rugged Bamiloye-Queen is one year older today. She’s been a mother and a role mode to hundreds and thousands of people across the world. May you continually grow and glow in grace, favor and peace of mind. I love you  @gloriabamiloye

gloria bamiloye joshua-mike-bamiloye (5)

gloria bamiloye joshua-mike-bamiloye (5)

joshua mike bamiloye gloria bamiloye birthday