Joshua Mike-Bamiloye lashes out at a twitter user who claims Mount Zion films portray ‘Catholic Church’ as evil

Popular Gospel film editor and music producer, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye a.k.a Jaymikee has lashed out at a fan who feels Mount Zion movies portray ‘Catholic Church’ as evil or worthy of contempt or blame.

This came on board after a twitter user identified by the handle @AlexandraAnigbo took to the platform to drop a review on a movie titled ‘Wednesday’ noting that her siblings should flee from watching it.

@AlexandraAnigbo noted that the movie is demonic and the devil is trying all he could to take the full possession of the media to himself. Likewise, some of her followers who had watched the movie testified that the movie should be avoided at all cost.

However, a twitter user with the username @kelchykz used the opportunity to encourage Christians to add values to gospel movies by watching and also supporting the movement financially. As expected, a user with the username @elokaigbokwe  disagreed with @kelchykz’s suggestion stating that Mount Zion Movies are always demonizing the Catholic Church with their movies.

All effort to make @elokaigbokwe  drop at least the title of a Mount Zion movie to back up his claim proved abortive instead the user insisted “mount Zion portrays/depicts the rosary and crufix ‘guys’ as evil and bad in their movies.”

Reacting to this, Jaymikee retweeted @elokaigbokwe’s reply with a quote that some users speak without thinking far. See tweets/discussion below

@AlexandraAnigbo; Please my siblings, stay away from that “Wednesday series”. It is not for us, clearly. I have watched it on behalf of all of us and I can tell you that the series is demonic. These people are not playing, they really want to take full possession of the media

@_yomiide; They drag you down in the spirit I binged watched Sandman yesterday and I kept having bad dreams about it till this morning I started to cast and bind in the middle of the night I just woke up this morning and the holy spirit said “shey I said you shouldn’t watch it”

@kelchykz; Mount Zion movies that are doing their best to produce movies, how many Christians watch them? How many Christians support them especially financially? If you don’t want the devil to take full possession of the media, money is needed. The gospel must be funded.

@Elokaigbokwe; Mount Zion movies? Lol That demonize the catholic church? We want something for the body. Not just any media output.

@kelchykz; Refer me to a movie that criticises/ demonises ANY church. I’ll make out time to watch it and come back here to provide feedback. Funnily enough, I’ve not seen any church name in their movies.  @jay_mikee is that intentional?

@Elokaigbokwe; You want to play small ba? All the times they portray/depict the rosary and crufix “guys” as evil and bad in their movies is what exactly?

@jaymikee; Some of you just you just open mouth wahhhhh