It has not been easy, the Olu Jacobs I knew is no more there – Joke Silva speaks on Olu Jacob’s dementia

Nollywood veteran Joke Silva is making headlines over some details she shared as she opened up about her marital struggle with legendary actor Olu Jacobs.

During an interview on actress Nancy Isime’s show, Joke Silva discussed how she has been handling Olu Jacob’s dementia as she revealed it had affected her marriage.

In her words:

“It has not been easy… There was a point of acceptance for me that everything happening is reality and it is like the person I married, 80 percent of the time is no longer there.”

The actress, however, stressed that Olu Jacobs was an incredible husband and a fantastic father to their children.

“But the thing is this when he was there, he was an incredible father to his children and an amazing husband, he was practically my best friend.”

Comparing their love life when they got married and to the present, Joke Silva said:

“The husband I knew is no more and there for me, but this man that is here is someone I still love.” Watch clips from the interview below:

Netizens react as Joke Silva speaks on her marriage with Olu Jacobs

Some reactions were captured, see them below:

_iambalo: “Old age will forever meet everyone! We pray to have a wonderful partner beside us when it comes.”

mer__mar: “Nobody picked the part where she said he was an incredible father to the kids and an amazing husband… if he has been an abusive husband and irresponsible father Ehn, I can boldly tell you that this is the time for payback… it’s happening everywhere… Men should try to be good and responsible because a time is coming when that your physical strength ,power and ego will be useless.”

unbrando: “This is a wake up call to our dead beat dads. ❤️.”

ladycecezee: “It’s well,my dad has dementia and he lived with me for a year,it was not an easy journey at all,but again is what it is,lord my dad used to me a very strong man,but with dementia he became like a baby,the experience is not funny at all.” But in all God is good..”

ifynwabueze_orode: “Awwww, tears dropped. Men treat your wives well!”

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