This is his pattern Mixed reactions trail alleged report of JJC Skillz moving into his new wife’s house in Abuja.

Social media users are reacting to alleged report of former Nigerian singer and filmmaker, Abdulrasheed Bello better known as JJC Skillz moving into his new wife’s house.

Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls had claimed that the ex-husband of Funke Akindele has moved into his new wife’s house in Abuja.

According to the blog, this isn’t the first time the former rapper would be moving into his women’s houses.

JJC Skillz was allegedly living in one of his babymama’s house, Benito’s mother before he left and married actress, Funke Akindele, whose house he stayed in before their separation in 2022.

Reacting to it, many social media users described JJC Skillz has a gigolo and noted how it has become his pattern to move into his women’s house to exploit.

One Duchess of Festa wrote, “I think this guy is looking for rich women to exploit

One Lovable Uzor wrote, “Omo e no go better for his village people o

One Puchis grace wrote, “At this point he should buy a house no matter how small, sure he can afford it, there are several house plans, no matter how small, better than moving into every ladies house

One Frau Favour wrote, “People dey marry their wife dey move into their house, him own dey different

One Esther Luve wrote, “Na this is a pattern and he should seek help spiritually to break it then

One Blonde beautyng spa wrote, “Gigolo lifestyle….. always looking for made women or rich men daughters

One Ms favoured wrote, “This man has two other grown up kids. I just feel bad for them. With his name trending in negative ways. I think he should just follow his Muslim tradition marry his many wives and sit quiet

One Krystabel wrote, “Why is he always the one moving into their houses

One Katees Georgy wrote, “Na now I know say that guy no get bearing normally!!!

One Noble heart wrote, “He needs a job”.

JJC Skillz allegedly remarries

It wad reported on Wednesday that JJC Skillz had allegedly gotten married to an Ebira woman, identified as Falilat Raji.

Reports claimed that the private wedding was held on the 10th of February, 2023, in Kano state, and had only family and friends in attendance.

Also, a wedding invitation surfaced online, which had the singer’s name and that of his reported new wife on it.

Amidst the speculations, Kemi Filani reached out to JJC Skillz on Wednesday night, March 1st but he laughed off the reports.

In a follow up post, photos on social media captured the singer and movie producer in an event with his alleged Ebira wife.

The photo captured the beautiful alleged wife, JJC Skillz, flanked by some close associates.

Although these photos are yet to be confirmed by JJC Skillz and the lady’s family, netizens took to the comment section to bash JJC Skillz for moving on so quickly from his ex, Funke Akindele.