‘His true character is in how he treats others, not just you’ – Jaymikee tells Sisters in ‘relationship’

Popular gospel film editor and music maker, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has hinted her female followers on twitter how to figure out the true character of their partners.

According to Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, the true measure of a man is how he treats others.

Joshua advised that ‘sisters’ should look beyond the soft, sweet and patient side their partners show to them but pay a closer attention to how their partners treat others.

He further revealed that how a man treats others is how she would be treated when he finally recovers from the intense excitement and happiness in them which was configured by love.


In Joshua Mike-Bamiloye’s word; How a guy treats you in a relationship; all soft and sweet and patient isn’t his true character.

His true nature is how he treats others. And when the euphoria fades away, it’s how he will treat you eventually.

As at the time of gathering this report, the tweet has gathered more than 1,500 likes and 350 retweets as many of his followers agreed while some objected his notion. SEE REPLIES BELOW

@davidakanji: Relations is a commitment to a person and willingness to be selflessness for that person….. word #other is too generic and it cannot be used…. You need to be specifics….. other people are treated based on the level of relationship and bond ….and shared mutual value

@tracycollins84: The basis of how we should relate with or ‘treat’ people (even strangers) is “love your neighbor as yourself”. So really we are to be selfless towards everyone like our lord Jesus is. The holy spirit helps us know how to do that per time.

So it’s true, How you treat others is how you really are. ’emotions’ are very unstable so if you act based on how a person makes you feel alone you’ll treat them different when they aren’t acting right towards you.

It’s not everyday you’d ‘feel’ in love with your spouse, what determines your attitude towards them on those days is definitely how much you are able to love people generally (God’s kind of love).

@oriledesioni: A real person will not be fake. One of the best thing to take time to observe is to KNOW the person you’re loving, His lifestyle and behaviors… If you’re in love, be real and don’t try to only make beautiful moments, let your real self be known, to help bring perfections

@franca_bimpe: There is this couple I know ,when they were courting the man was very sweet to her but the opposite to his siblings (his siblings were always scared of him) but the woman took it as nothing then after they got married he started behaving the same way he used to do to his sibling.

@nuelchrisanth: Some men tend to count cheap, that which is available, and if by virtue of marriage you fall into their hands (become available), they will also treat you as a cheap thing.

@ponyenaobi: That’s right, when all the love is gone what will be his actions

@enigma_gpes: everyday, how he treats others is the true nature of his character


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