Jaymikee replies Seun Kuti after he called Pastor Femi Lazarus a ‘stup!!d l!ar’ over his trending video about ‘the Church & Nigeria’ (VIDEO)

Popular gospel film editor and song creator, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, a.k.a Jaymikee, has responded to the trending video of Seun Kuti’s response that trailed Pastor Femi Lazarus’ two-minute and twenty-four-second video analyzing the constructive role the church has played in Nigeria’s transformation.

A few days ago, Pastor Femi Lazarus posted a short video clip to his social media accounts in which he addressed those who harbor hate towards churches in Nigeria, based on the false belief that these institutions are to blame for the country’s decline.

He examined the history of the church in Nigeria and how the church has helped end the practice of killing twins and slavery and also brought education into the country. He continued by outlining how Christianity significantly curtailed the abhorrent customs of the old religion.

Pastor Femi Lazarus highlights the positive impact of the church in Nigeria

“Propaganda always sounds accurate but only if you know where it is coming from, that where it is coming from, many of those who are saying we are fighting this and that, they have no interest in the gospel, what people are saying to the media and what they are doing is different.

Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, all these pastors…, the people are just going to church, and they are building churches, not building this, not building any organization… HOW MANY HAVE YOU BUILT? HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU TAKEN OUT OF POVERTY? HOW MANY ARE IN SCHOOL BECAUSE OF YOU? HOW MANY FAMILIES DO YOU BLESS EVERY CHRISTMAS? NONE

Many of those saying this, this and that, they just hate the church, they don’t even love the country like that. NIGERIA WITHOUT THE CHURCH, THERE WILL BE TROUBLE.

OH Christianity is Whiteman religion, they brought Christianity and they brought slavery, they were enslaving us… Guess what? Those who pushed for the abolishment of slavery were Christians, when they came to Nigeria and they found out that Nigerians were selling themselves, you know those who were selling you? Your kings?

If they were buying people and say ‘They took our ancestors, took them for slavery…’ Who were those selling? The kings, they were the one selling the people. I am showing you history now.

It was the coming of the missionaries that abolished it, they were the ones that went back to great Britain and said we have abolished this, and they now send soldiers to now come to arrest our own people for selling our own people, then somebody who has not taken time to study history will say ‘Ehn, don’t mind them, they brought Christianity. Let’s go back to our traditional religion’.

Oh! Let me tell you about, No I need to tell you, by now, they would have used you for ritual. Oh you think they will just say, ‘Amadioha, Sango, hi there’! NO! By now all your faces would have been full of palm oil and all those things.

Those days when the king dies, they will bury somebody with the king, maybe your uncle or somebody, that’s your religion, that was what God took you out of, because you don’t know it and you only see it in movies doesn’t mean you should desire it, you are wrong.

You need to read history, people sound smart online, you listen you know they don’t know jack, everything I’m telling you, go and fact check it.

They say Ehn, Christianity is white man religion, na lie. White people too were also worshiping foreign Gods, those who were worshiping Baal, were they black?

So what has Christianity done to Nigeria, I will tell you many… Christianity brought education to Nigeria. CMS grammar school, the church brought education, many of the schools government is now collecting were started by the church, who abolished the killing of twins in Nigeria? A woman who left her country for the sake of the kingdom came here. How many of you are twins here, you know what would have happened by now.


In response to the video clip, a Nigerian musician, singer, and youngest son of the Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, Seun Kuti corrected Pastor Lazarus’ stand on how slavery was abolished, using a book he once used to win an argument an OAP, Ifedayo Olarinde a.k.a Daddy Freeze. He also claimed the book had once been submitted to the British Parliament, and the contents were approved to be facts.

According to him, Pastor Femi Lazarus was wrong on all forms about his idea of slavery abolishment. He said British brought colonialism i.e ‘enslaving us in our own land’ because the British were moving from the agricultural society to industrial society and needed raw materials in Africa.

He highlighted some of the wrongs that was done to Africans lacing Pastor Femi Lazarus’ idea with some insulting words.

Reacting to this, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye quote-tweeted Seun Kuti’s video on X while revealing that church antagonists are good at picking one out of many points raised to ‘rubbish’ the entire message passed.

He listed the points Pastor Femi Lazarus raised in the video that Seun Kuti didn’t put enough energy to explain. SEE BELOW