Japanese man reportedly spends $20k to transform himself into a dog (Video).

Recently, a Japanese man named Toco embarked on a journey of self-transformation to become a Dog.

With a $20,000 investment, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a border collie with the aid of hyperrealistic dog costume crafted by the a Japanese company, Zeppet.

Taking 40 days to perfect his canine disguise, Toco was eager to step into the world as a dog for the very first time.

Documenting his extraordinary experience in a video, he ventured out into the streets, embracing his newfound identity.

To his delight, Toco made an unexpected connection during his stroll.

He managed to befriend some fellow canines along the way, as passers-by and their furry companions were captivated by the uncanny realism of his costume and lifelike movements.

It seemed as though they couldn’t differentiate him from an actual four-legged friend.

In candid notes accompanying his unusual transformation, Toco revealed that his fascination with becoming a dog had been an enduring part of his life since childhood.