“I’ve been starving for weeks”: Nigerian student cries out from room in video


“I’ve been starving for weeks”: Nigerian student cries out from room in video

It is often said that a closed mouth is a closed destiny and a Nigerian student has tearfully opened up about his sad situation at school.

The Niger Delta University student, @whisky_dennis, cried out in a video that things have been so hard for him since he entered the tertiary institution.

According to @whisky_dennis, he has no family relation to help as his father is deceased and his mother is a farmer.

He added that he has no friends and has been starving for weeks. @whisky_dennis lamented that he is dying. Wording on his TikTok video reads:

“Since I came to this school, things have been so hard for me. Nobody to help me. My dad is late. My mum is a farmer. No family. No friends. I’m dying. I’ve been starving for weeks. I’m dying.”

Netizens show him support

Lõvêr girl said: “It is hard for some people and easy for some we are different so be strong for yourself and your mum okay ♥️ drop aza.”

Jennylola95 said: “Some people no just get sense which wan be me way no go school I no get sense abi? Nobody is the cause of ur misfortune naw.”

user1861959487362 said: “Education is not by force bro if it not working please go home many successful people out there did not even smell education please be strong.”

mark said: “If its seriously that hard so badly for you. “Eat first before school. “That money you are spending fir textbooks and school fees bro use am chop…”

simply_maha said: “The first thing that came to my mind was, but u get data,but I remember av been in same shoes, most times sef, but wait na iPhone u dey us.”

favouribeneme8 said: “I no get sponsor so I no bother go, but I believe say them no Dey big pass school….. I go make am and I go still go school.”

Watch the video below:



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