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So I noticed a trend recently on social media and I have been discussing it with my husband. I am seeing newlyweds coming online celebrating “one week wedding anniversary, 15 days, three months, six months…so it’s no longer 1 year anniversary? I was wondering why the sudden attention calling to your marriage or is it to prove a point? The nights after the vows are very important as children of God to lay a foundation of a lasting home. Scripturally a man is allowed not to go to war for one year after marriage to bond with his wife Deuteronomy 24:5. It is a time of quietness, adjustment among others. No good farmer sow a seed and then call the whole world to come and see what he has sown. He will rather nurture it, giving it all it take to grow and let the fruit speak for itself.

When you are newlyweds and you are busy on social media, how do you bond? How do you spend quality time praying and decreeing what you want. Don’t forget the devil hate marriage so it is not wise to deliberately call unnecessary attention to it. While it is good to thank God but then wisdom is profitable to direct. Give it time, some testimonies are not meant for now. Allow God give you a platform to do it and I tell many will definitely come later. Protect your new home and spend more time with your spouse. I know you want the world to know you are now married but then do it with wisdom.

It took me about five years after I got married to talk on marriage to the married, because I just don’t feel it’s time. The fact that you got married today does not mean you start dishing out marriage counseling tomorrow. Marriage is one school that you don’t graduate from so it’s better to allow God equip you before you begin to “dish” it out. Don’t start speaking before you learn how to speak. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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Don’t yield in to the temptation to expose your marriage unnecessarily, invest prayers and bond well first. There are many years of anniversary ahead. Build on the foundation first, when the building is standing it will speak for itself. God bless your new home.

Toyin Fatunsin.


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
C.E.O, gospelfilmsng