‘It has been seven years please move on’ – Olakunle Churchill openly begs ex-wife, Tonto Dikeh

As the drama continues to unfold, Olakunle Churchill, the ex-husband of actress cum politician, Tonto Dikeh has openly appealed to her to move on.

Churchill took to his Instagram page to calmly urge Tonto Dikeh to move on after he massively hit back at her for calling him a deadbeat father. According to him, even if he has multiple wives and children without money, it is non of her business. He asked that she focus on her life and forget about the past.

He wrote: “If I 10 wives, 10 children, I get money or I no get, e no concern you. Deal with the past and move on and focus on your life. Forget history it has been seven years please move on. It’s election period. ”

Tonto Dikeh tags Olakunle Churchill deadbeat father

Hours ago, Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram page to react to her ex-husband’s birthday post to their son, King Andre. She slammed him for only acknowledging his son on his birthday.

She noted how Churchill and his family claimed they won a court case on child custody but they decided to leave the child for her.

Tonto revealed that she won the child custody battle with him and was given full custody of their son, hence, Olakunle Churchill’s anger.

She added that Churchill was ordered to pay for their son’s CS fees, but paid 4month’s fees because he had told the Court he was broke.

Tonto Dikeh revealed that she regrets having Churchill as the father of her kid as he is the worst thing that ever happened to her.

She stated that she wakes up every day apologizing to her child for having him as his father.

Olakunle Churchill hit back at Tonto Dikeh

It was reported hours ago that Olakunle Churchill hit back at his ex-wife, Tonto Dikeh after she tagged him as a deadbeat father for celebrating his son, King Andre on his 7th birthday.

With a series of proofs, Churchill hit back mightily at Tonto Dikeh. According to him, the mother of his son is always looking for public sympathy and attention by playing the victim when she is in fact the problem.

Churchill said Tonto restricted all access to his son as he only asked to visit him in school and take responsibility as a father. He also revealed that he once gave Tonto Dikeh however, she threw it away and also threatened to burn any gifts sent and send videos as proof.

The philanthropist also said he was only granted access to King Andre’s school on his second birthday after he submitted a copy of the court’s judgement to the school.

Lamenting about how much he hurts, Churchill noted that Tonto has always made things difficult for him and done everything to frustrate him to give up on his son.

Revealing how desperate Tonto Dikeh is, Churchill disclosed that the former begged her ex-boyfriend, Prince Joseph Kpokpogiri, to not allow him to see his son even if she dies. Charging her to move on, Churchill said Tonto is not the first woman to give birth in Nigeria nor have a failed marriage.

Challenging the part where Tonto Dikeh called him a broke man, Churchill said his ex-wife sold his SUV worth 22 million and sold it without his consent. He also said to date, she is yet to give him back his car or the money she got from the sale.

Tonto Dikeh claps back at Olakunle Churchill

Definitely known as one who does not back out from a fight, Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram page to clap back at her ex-husband.

While insisting that Churchill is a deadbeat father, Tonto disclosed that he was a fraudster on the radar of the US and UK governments. She further accused Churchill of failing his responsibilities by not paying his son’s school fees and failing to attend to his needs.

Dragging Churchill’s ex, Bimbo Coker, into the drama, Tinto claimed he never divorced her after almost eleven years of separation.

She wrote: “WHEN WILL YOU TELL THE WORLD THAT @justcallmebims IS NOT YOUR ex-wife BUT YOUR WIFE TILL DATE…. You married her and suddenly ran away one day and since 11/10 years she has never seen you and you have refused to grant her a DIVORCE????

“I have not spoke, texted, cared to source your no. In 7 years so where did we have a conversation on BURNING GIFTS….