©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Aunty, I am ready to give up smiling if that would keep my marriage” I unbelievably heard Isoken telling me over the phone amidst sobs, it was obvious she was crying…At that point, I didn’t know why I was crying but I was crying…

“Isoken, you can’t stop smiling…” I said using my counselling voice…

“Aunty, I have all your messages back to back, and one of the things I have learnt from you is that every marriage can work…Is that not true?”

For the first time in my life I wanted to take back that comment…

“Yes…but your case is different… I mean your husband is literally asking you to kill yourself, whatever that wants to take your smile from you, wants to kill you” I tried persuading her to see sense in what I was saying at least if she wasn’t going to divorce her husband,she could threaten him with a separation

“No…Aunty…he can’t kill me, what he is asking of me is just a little sacrifice I need to undertake to keep my home…You have always said in your messages that Marriage is all about sacrifice…”

I became speechless and powerless, as words failed me and I didn’t know what else to say other than

“You are right” since she was just quoting all my messages back at me…

” But Aunty, you know my challenge, I just discovered of recent that Ibidolo has a lot of girlfriends… Aunty, why would he want me all to himself and yet he is not ready to give me all of himself…Isn’t that unfair?”

“Yes..very unfair and that is why I am not totally comfortable with your husband…How did you meet in the first place?”

When she told me how they met, my jaw literally dropped….

She had followed a friend to a pastor’s place….

“Aunty, I know I was tricked into marrying my husband because it was after our marriage that Ibidolo explained the whole process of him marrying me”

“ What was the Process?” I asked

“ My friend Kikelomo and I were getting tired of our single hood, although I was not desperate as Kikelomo being a Christian, but Kikelomo kept pressurizing me to go with her to a certain pastor who was good at telling people the exact location where they would meet their husband or wife to be…”

“Ok?”…This was getting interesting as I put the phone on speaker knowing this was going to be a very long talk….

“We attended the pastor’s programme but unfortunately we were unable to see him for Counselling or better still consultations, we were told we had to attend his program for a month before we had access to him” She said

“So you started attending his church and that was where you met Ibidolo “ I cut in as I obviously thought I knew where the story was heading….

“ No ma,it was more cleverly orchestrated than that….”

“ So how did ibidolo come into the picture”…..

And when she told me how, my mouth was wide open for some minutes….It was her continuous “ Hello Ma , Hello ma,Are you still there” that brought me back to life….

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“You will meet your husband on a Thursday Evening at Alakashi bustop, He will have a red “V” neck top on, with blue jeans and white Tennis shoes on.You have to be at that Alakashi at exactly 5pm waiting for your bus,You both will bump into each other and instantly something will tell you both you are soulmates”

“Aunty, that was what the pastor told me during my consultation session with him and prior to that I had heard a lot of testimonies during the service of how “God” had connected people to their spouses…It was too real to be doubted. Even though the pastor told Kikelomo that her own husband was still far away in India and she needed to do 14 days marathon fasting or pay to have one of the church pastors do the fasting on her behalf….so…” I became lost in all Isoken was saying.I couldn’t believe how gullible she was, but I had not heard it all…

“ Aunty, you would not believe that it happened exactly as the pastor prophesied, I was at Alakashi bus stop at Exactly 5pm and suddenly a young man bumped into me, he was just the exact description .red V neck top,blue jean, white Tennis…..”

Hmmm….Was all I could say, but after a brief moment of silence I asked

“ But was this just coincidence or it was arranged?” I managed to ask

“ Aunty, Arranged ooo,big time ooo, Ibidolo confessed to me after marriage that he is a member of the pastor’s church but as the head of the technical Unit, he was always in the Technical room mixing the camera shots during service, he said it was on one of those services I attended he saw me on camera smiling… He said his heart melted at my smile and that very instant, he didn’t know how it came out of his mouth , but he heard himself say

“ That is my Wife”

“ You like her?” Ibidolo’ s colleague had said to him, “ If you like her, You better go and tell papa before he receives her for someone else”

Isoken continues her surprising “ How we met tale”….

“ Aunty, apparently in their church, it was a norm for the pastor to be the one to choose their partners for them and since I was not their member the pastor had to use that prophecy trick on me. Ibidolo told me he had shown the pastor my smiling footage and the pastor assured him I was going to be his wife, so Aunty that was how I entered into this marriage ooo”

I was on temporary mute with mouth wide open….I could hear the echo of her voice saying “ Hello ma…Hello…Are you there ma? But 1001 things were going on in my head. Can you guess any of these questions ? Let me ask you the first one ringing in my head so loud,” Was it right for the pastor to have done that matchmaking under spiritual deception ? Other questions kept flying around in my head. Questions like…..\