©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde

“Hello Ma”…the husband snatcher/She-devil said with the most beautifully alluringly textured voice I had heard in my life….If the circumstances were right, I could have fallen in love with her voice….,

“And why the unnecessary “Ma”?, was she trying to give me a fake impression about herself that she was respectful? Or trying to act like a good girl before Henry….Please she should give that to fools like my husband that she had tied down with her charm” I thought as I blurted out in anger the next few words….

“Hello..Margaret or whatever you are called, I don’t have much to say to you, because I believe you and I are not in the same league.. I just want You to think of how callous you are and do the needful, before I ask God to punish you…”

“ Ma, I know God Can not punish me because I am also a Christian, I am a born again child of God…” She said VERY CALMLY

“ Christi…or What did you just call yourself?….Please what brand of Christianity is yours? The type that steals other people’s husbands or the one that support polygamy?….If that is it, then it must be a new brand from the pit of hell you practice” I said angrily

“ Ma, the Christianity I practice is the very one you practice, the one Abraham the father of faith practiced that made him have more than one wife”

“ What?” My tongued became automatically tied, The She-devil continued

“Yes, the type David practiced and made him have more than one wife and yet he was the man after God’s own heart,”

I was as quiet as a graveyard as I unbelievably was listening to this devil quoting scriptures to me, scriptures she knew so well, she cited so many scriptures to me backing up her point, then just like a dream she said…

“ Ma I am not a devil, neither am I an agent of darkness sent to destroy your home, I am just a woman who has found true love and is not ready to lose it.

I am not asking you to leave your matrimonial home, all I ask is just share your husband’s heart with me.

I don’t even plan on destroying your ministry. This can be our little secret. Nobody has to know.

I just love Henry and He is the first man to show my children and I genuine love after I lost my husband. Ma, God bears me witness that I am not using anything diabolical on Henry, we just love each other and like I said Ma, I don’t plan on taking him from you, We can share him Ma, and I promise to be a good girl….Please ma, don’t take him away from me, because if you try, I might be forced to act back….” she said very calmly pleading

I had never been that tongue-tied in my life before….

“ Hello Ma, Are you there? Hello…” Henry took the phone from her…

“ Hello, Hello Betty, Hello Honey…I know you are there, please don’t do anything crazy especially for the sake of the kids…I love you and God knows, but I also love Margaret tooo…So are you willing to share me with her, If you say yes, I will come home right away!”

I couldn’t say No or Yes or what do you think I should have said?

©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde

“Ding Dong, Dong Ding” was the sound I was hearing in my brain…I couldn’t even press the end button on my phone. All I did was to gently place it on the Table beside me. It was official I had lost my husband. The girl sounded so well cultured, articulate in her points, even though if the circumstances were right, I could have given her the right answers to her biblical citing…

I could have told her it was never in God’s plan for man to have two wives, or else he would have made Adam to have two wives or better still when Eve messed up, he could have created a new Eve for Adam.

I could have told her about David, that he been the man after God’s own heart had more to do with his relationship with God not his acquiring of wives.

I ought to have told her that David suffered a great deal for having so many wives. God’s intention was for him to build a dynasty; a dynasty where his generation will rule Isreal from generation to generation, but because of his polygamy it stopped along the way.. I should have told her in capital letters that IT WAS POSSIBLE FOR A MAN OR HIS GENERATION TO MISS OUT INGOD’S PLAN FOR THEIR LIVES as a result of polygamy….

I ought to have responded as regards Abraham that it was never God’s idea or intention for him to impregnate Hagar, and even when the opportunity came God asked him to send Hagar away….

“Yes! Hold on…” I thought to myself “ “That is it….I need God to speak to Henry to send Margaret away., Just like he spoke to Abraham to send Hagar away for Sarah’s sake” ….I said to myself as I jumped up so glad I had received the rhema to deliver my marriage.

“That is the solution…” I kept saying to myself….

I was not going to accept the evil proposal.

I didn’t call Henry again as I set myself on a 40 days fasting and prayer asking God to speak to Henry to send Margaret away….but Nothing happened.

Henry neither called, but rather on the 40th day of my fasting he came back home. I was super excited as I felt God had answered my prayer but…

“ Betty, I am sorry, you didn’t accept Margaret’s proposal. I thought things were going to work out among us, but guess you are proving hard… I am sorry, I will be moving in with Margaret, because she is pregnant with my baby and it is a baby boy and you know how much I have asked you to let us have another baby, maybe it will be a boy, but you refused. So I need to be by her side….
I am purposely telling you she is pregnant so that you can pray for her, because if anything goes wrong with her or the baby, I will ruthlessly hold you responsible “ He said before walking out of the house…

I couldn’t say a word, I just crashed into the floor and Wept….

God! Why? Why are you doing this to me…Please wake me if this is a dream, but unfortunately God didn’t wake me up, because it was reality.

For another two months, I didn’t hear from Henry….

I took the best step for me to avoid depression and ultimately insanity that was knocking at my door vehemently…

I took my two daughters from school and we relocated to Houston, Texas to start a new life..

Wasn’t that better?Since prayer and fasting did not work for me…