Opeyemi Akintunde

“I will tender my resignation tomorrow, if Ryan insists on keeping the terrorist on campus.” Peter said while having dinner

“What if he is not a terrorist?” Roseline said to Peter

“All Muslims are terrorists!”

“Said and Barakat are not!” Roseline said about her sister who got married to a Muslim and had converted to Islam

“Your sister’s case is different, she still has the Christian blood and heart in her and I can tell you she has a strong influence on your brother in law… This Amid guy looks like someone born and raised by staunch Muslims. He is one of those whose trousers don’t get down to their ankles… “

“Peter, please I beg you, I know you are still hurting over the loss of Abraham and how it was a terrorist group that caused his demise, but unforgiveness is also as weighty as Murder. The Scripture confirms that. If you refuse to forgive these terrorist group, you are not any different from them… The sin of Unforgiveness and Murder are the same. Jesus equates the sin of anger with the sin of murder. Peter, Bible states in the book of James 1:20 that “The anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God… “ Peter your being angry at these people doesn’t count as righteousness” Roseline said

Peter stood up angrily from the dining table, Roseline was taking the sides of the terrorist religion because her sister was married to one of them…

She was going to be bias about her stand on the Islamic religion. It was the religion of heartless human beings. Peter walked up the stairs to his room. On getting inside, he knelt before the Lord…

“Lord Jesus, I know you as the Only Way, the truth and the Life. I know every other religion is counterfeit, therefore please eradicate anything called Islam from this world and throw all those terrorist into Hell in Jesus name. Lord, let Ryan have an encounter with you that will make him send that Amid out of the school. Lord I trust you to do it, but if you don’t I will leave that school, because your word clearly states that “We should not be unequally yoked with Unbelievers”… this Amid is an unbeliever and on that premise, I cannot work in the School he is … “Peter was vigorously praying but he heard a question he didn’t find the right answer to…

“Who is an unbeliever?” A voice asked him

“Holy Spirit, An unbeliever is anyone who doesn’t believe in God!” Peter answered

“Does Amid believe in God or not?”

“Well, I don’t know, but they believe in Allah!”

“Who is Allah to them?”

Peter didn’t have the right answer, he stood up instead and crashed on his bed covering His Head with a Pillow. He didn’t like where the conversation was heading….

“ Peter, I thought we were still having a conversation?” The voice said

Peter didn’t answer….

“ There is a lot you need to learn, Peter… Let’s talk and reason together!” The voice in his heart said but Peter was not ready for any reasoning. His mind was made up; He was not serving the Same God with the Muslims and that was Final!.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Rokibah sat on her praying mat, interceding for her husband….She had completed her five prayers for the day. This was a personal plea…

“Most Holy Allah ( SWT)I pray to you on behalf of my husband Amid, do not let him become a victim of the ongoing religious battle. Please bring peace to this chaotic world. Let the Christians understand that we serve the same God, though we may have our different views and experiences about you. Keep me safe and Keep my son Ishmael safe.” Rokibah prayed….

Roseline was putting Isaac to sleep. She kept talking to the Holy Spirit.

“God, please speak to Peter and give him the ability to forgive and tolerate the Muslim brethren. I may not be able to affirm the authenticity of the practice of their religion, but I am sure you are their father too, though My sister told me their religion doesn’t permit them to see you as their father out of regard for you, nevertheless we are sure of one thing… You are our creator. Therefore, Creator of the Universe, deal with this hatred between we brothers of the same father…Though, Peter says we don’t serve the same God, which I don’t know if that is true, but One thing is sure. The devil never created anyone, and that makes you the creator of All. Jesus our saviour also died for ALL while we yet sinners, therefore, Give Peter the Large heart to understand that we are the children of the same father in Jesus name I pray” Roseline said as she sat on Isaac’s bed…

The next morning, Amid alighted from the vehicle as he waved goodbye to Rokibah and Ishmael. Rokibah drove off.

As Amid got to the University gate, the security officer refused opening the campus gate for Him…

“What’s happening sir?” Amid said to the security who used to be very friendly to him.

“The school management instructed me not to let you in. I was instructed to give you this.” The Security said handing over an envelope to Amid…

Amid’s heart started pounding as he hurriedly opened the letter…


Amid could not believe what he was seeing…

“Why?” He said loudly
“Is it because I am a Muslim” Amid said angrily…
“Why?” He said as he started banging the school gate.

The security officer tried calming him down.

“Mr Amid, I know you are a good man but from what we heard, it was a board decision. Your being a Muslim is not acceptable here.” The security man said

Amid stood dumbfounded…

“I am not going anywhere…” Amid said as he stood by the gate.

“The young man has been standing at the entrance for 4 hours…” A concerned Ryan said to Peter

“Does that not confirm what I have been saying… That shows he has hidden motives” Peter replied

“What then should we do?” Ryan asked

“We inform the police about him stating that we discovered him as a potential threat, so we decided to revoke his admission. He will be warned never to come close to the school.” Peter said

Ryan picked his phone and called on the police…

Rokibah was driving towards Amid. She was surprised to see him outside Already.

“Your Baba is on time today, what a Miracle!” Rokibah said to Smiling Ishmael.

“Baba, Babaaa” Ishmael chatted off

Rokibah knew something was wrong the instant she parked. Amid wasn’t smiling.

She alighted from the Vehicle leaving Ishmael in the vehicle…

“Amid, what is wrong?”

“Rokibah, they locked me out and revoked my admission because I am a Muslim…” Amid said in tears

“Amid, they can’t do that! Just relax, we will sort this out…” Rokibah said trying to pull Amid away from the gate to the car…

Almost immediately, the siren of a police van was blasting loud in the air…

“Did they call the police on you?” Rokibah asked in a very angry voice…

A van with the inscription “ANTI TERRORISM SQUAD” parked behind their vehicle…

There was no explaining.., they rounded Amid and Rokibah… Amid was immediately handcuffed…

“What did I do? “ Amid said screaming

“What are you doing? My husband is not a terrorist. He is a student here, he is a good man. He is a father, my child is in the vehicle… As Rokibah turned to where Ishmael was in the Vehicle, the vehicle had disappeared. It was no longer in sight…

“My car! My car! My babyyyyyy… Ishmael where are you?” Rokibah ran towards the space where she parked the vehicle. In trying to reach Amid earlier, she had left the Key in the Ignition.

“Did someone steal my car and my baby?” Rokibah asked hysterically



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