Opeyemi Akintunde

Amid was through for the day, and Rokibah was waiting in front of the gate for him. He packed up his books and walked towards the exit. He passed by an undergraduate class and saw how the students were arguing over the maths problem they had been told to solve. It was such a simple math with a lot of steps though. Amid noticed whoever their teacher was, must have probably stepped out…

“It’s such a simple math…” He said from the doorway

The entire class turned towards him with different looks, some gave the look of “Who is he?”, others “ Oh Really, then show us how simple.”

Amid walked into the lecture room, took the white board marker, and to what looked like magic to everyone, he solved the Maths equation till the second to the last step…






These were the words popping out of the mouth of the students as they watched Amid solving the equation effortlessly.

“You have two more steps to go…Whoever finishes it first gets 1500 dollars from me” Amid said dropping the marker

“You are serious?” Asked one of the students

“I don’t tell lies!” Amid said laughing

Amid picked up his bag with the intention of leaving the class but as he turned he saw the “not so impressed” staring eyes of Peter…

“Impressive!” Peter said

“I am sorry, I realized they didn’t know how to move past the first step…” Amid said defending himself as he walked towards Peter at the door of the class…

As Amid walked out of the Class, he whispered to Peter in a very playful way…

“Sir, that was a tough one, even we postgraduate students would have a hard time solving that!” Amid said trying to establish a friendship with the Lecturer.

“And you are?” Peter asked. He was a bit skeptical about the man, who was trying to bribe his students with $1,500.

“Amid Roqeeb!” Amid said

Peter felt like a hammer was used to hit the alert button in his head…

“Muslim?” Peter asked

Amid was surprised his religion was the first thing the Lecturer was asking him. He was expecting a question as to what course he was studying…

“Ermmm… Yes” Amid replied carefully

“Hmm…” Peter said raising his eyebrow…

“Any problem?” Amid asked

“No… Just surprised A Christian University would admit a Muslim… Could it be that the School is losing focus…?” Peter said in irritation

“Hmm… I really don’t know what to say, but my being a Muslim shouldn’t be a barrier of being taught by the best lecturers in the country. By the time I graduate I intend teaching in a government owned school, that way I will pass my knowledge to children regardless of their religion…”

“Fine… It was nice meeting you, but please don’t make it a habit of interfering in my lecture.” Peter said walking off before Amid could say anything…

“But that wasn’t necessary… He didn’t mean any harm!” The Holy Spirit in Peter Chided Him

“Every Muslim mean harm to Every Christian… They killed my Son Abraham”

“You shouldn’t judge the whole people by the actions of a few bedeviled ones” The HOLY SPIRIT in Peter said, but Peter wasn’t interested in that voice.

He had to clear this virus out of the School.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Amid knew something unpleasant was cooking up. He suspected the Lecturer was probably one of those Christian Fanatics that saw all Muslims as evil people better still, terrorists.

“Allah ( SWT) Vindicate me!” Amid said to Himself as He walked out of the School. As he stepped out, he saw Rokibah and Ishmael in the car waiting for him already. He needed to hide the worry, Rokibah would be able to tell from the get go, if he didn’t change his countenance….

“My love!” Rokibah said as Amid approached them. Ishmael was jumping in excitement

“Baba! Baabaaa!” He said

“May the Peace of Allah be with you, my love!” He said greeting Rokibah

“And you too!” Rokibah replied…

Instantly Rokibah knew something was wrong. Amid’s smile was not reflecting in his eyes…

“What’s wrong?” Rokibah asked

“School stuff, not something to worry your beautiful head and mind about… Ishmael my son, my son, my son how was your day? I hope you didn’t give Mama a hard time today?” Amid said trying to divert Rokibah’s attention to Ishmael.

Rokibah engaged the reverse gear, and as she reversed, she said…

“Religious stuff?”

Sometimes Amid wished Rokibah wasn’t as smart as she was…

“I had a dream you know!” Rokibah continued

Amid knew he couldn’t escape that conversation. Rokibah was gifted in dreams and visions.

“Ok?” Amid replied

“I saw that you were shut out of the university, you were not granted entrance into the premises. I saw a man, he looked African American. He was the one pushing you out of the school.” Rokibah said

“Well, nothing of such is happening or will happen. I just went out of the line today. I helped an undergraduate class to solve their math, while their lecturer was not in class… their lecturer is actually African American and a Christian. He returned to meet me helping the student out, I guess that didn’t sit well with him”

“Oh! Then we must add it to our prayers” Rokibah said

“I don’t think the man means any harm. It’s not a big deal…”

“You say!” Rokibah said…

Rokibah wasn’t someone who played with her dreams. With the religious war on the streets, she needed to take her dream seriously….

“Why was a Muslim enrolled in a Christian University?” Peter said to the Registrar who was his very close friend…The Vice Chancellor was on leave, so Ryan the Registrar was acting in the capacity of the Acting Vice Chancellor. Ryan was appending his signature on some official documents.

“He is a young Chap, He scored 100% in his entrance exam, just like you did during your interview test and besides I had the faith in me that, God could meet with him here. Who knows if within the 18 months he spends here, he becomes a Christian. God works in mysterious ways you know Peter.” Ryan Said

“Let me guess, the University needed money and he was willing to pay good money, since he is a rich chap!”

“Peter! What are you insinuating?” The Registrar said angrily at him as he dropped his pen.

“Exactly what I just said, because I don’t know what you were thinking when you admitted a potential Terrorist, Who May have been planted as a spy and agent here to burn down the best Christian University in the country…” Peter said and the Registrar suddenly went quiet as what Peter said obviously made sense…

“Ryan, these terrorists are smart people, they don’t use dull agents. A Muslim mathematician who scores 100% is a likely agent for a terrorist group, because he will be highly calculative, and unpredictable. He just bribed my students with $1,500.00, a way of winning their hearts… Ryan, I don’t like that young man. He is not what he appears to be. He is a terrorist…”

“ A terrorist?” Ryan repeated after Peter

“ Yes… A terrorist!”

“ So what can I do?He has been admitted already”

“ Revoke his admission! We must send him out of here, before it is too late… remember you are the Acting Vice Chancellor. You don’t want the school burnt down under your watch…!”

Ryan took a deep breath. He had a strong peace about the young man but what Peter was saying definitely made a lot of sense….

“ Let me think and pray about this, I will get back to you.” Ryan said as he used his hand to brush his grey hair.

“ Think and pray! I hope the school doesn’t get burnt down while you are thinking. I am sure even God will blame you if that happens. Whatever you decide to do is your choice… however, God bears me witness. My hands will not be stained with the blood of the innocent students. God bless you Ryan…” Peter said as he walked out of Ryan’s office….

“I don’t think I should send the Muslim student away because of his religion or should I be wise to send him away so as to avoid a terrorist attack? Do I want to sacrifice over 500 Christian students while trying to make one Muslim student happy? “ Ryan asked himself as he sat back in his chair…

He really needed good advise…



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