Opeyemi Akintunde

Fuad had mixed feelings about the way Robert was in his Business. Robert was not ready to let go of him. From following him to go collect the provisions to carrying it to the hostel while other students were in school…

“I have our room key with me, let’s go drop it off at once” Robert volunteered

“Oh! Thank you” Fuad had replied. Fuad was happy he didn’t have to carry the provisions with him all day.

“Can I have the key? You don’t have to go through the stress of going with me.” Fuad Said as he didn’t want Robert knowing where he intended to hide the liquid Explosives.

“I cannot give you the keys, I will have to go with you.” Robert said and as soon as he ended the statement he picked up one of the Provision bags…

“Let’s be on our way, before Lunch break is over.” Robert said

Fuad followed Robert behind. He wished he could just exterminate the guy. He checked his wristwatch and he realized he only had few days.


“We should keep your provision safe in your locker. You don’t want the raiders taking your stuffs” Robert said

“Raiders?” Fuad asked confused

“There are some boys in the hostel who we are still hoping God will touch their lives!” Robert said laughing

“I don’t understand!” Fuad was lost

“I mean, there are some boys who steal other people’s provision” Robert said

“La Samah Allah!“. Fuad exclaimed unknowingly but suddenly said “I am sorry, sometimes my tongue slip… What I just said means…”

“I know what it means, it means God forbid!”

“You know Arabic?”

“Oh! I know a few things about Islam!”

“But… hold on, Christian students steal from other people and they go scot free?” Fuad asked as he knew it was literally a death penalty at the camp or the person’s hand will be maimed…

“In Christianity, God does not desire the destruction of the sinners, He gives them enough time to repent” Robert said

“But I thought Christians only had good and perfect people who do not commit sins!”

“Yes, we have good people who try to please God in all they do, however, we have a few bad eggs, you know the few bad people like Judas. You know Like we have in Islam, you know those type of people who feel they can fight on behalf of God Like Saul of Tarsus. Those who kill in the name of the Lord.” Robert said and there was a shared moment of understanding between them both…

“Judas!” Fuad Said as a way of distracting him… “If Judas had repented, do you think God could have forgiven him?” Fuad asked…

“I believe yes. I can imagine how Jesus must have felt when Judas betrayed him, I can’t imagine a friend of mine betraying me!” Robert said and with piercing eyes he looked deep into Fuad’s eye…

“Ezekiel, will it be right to betray a friend?” Robert asked him directly and in that second, Fuad felt a cold chill run down his spine…

“Let’s get to it” Robert said ending the silence between them. His statement indicated that he was asking Fuad to open his locker. Robert began to unpack the provisions…

Fuad’s heart was racing…

“I really should do this on my own! I don’t like bothering people” Fuad insisted

Robert picked one of the Can drinks. He froze for few minutes staring at the drink. Fuad wondered what was wrong. The Can was the usual can for the drinks … Suddenly, Robert turned towards Fuad and remained silent but his eyes said it all…

“What?” Fuad asked

“Do you really want to do this?” Robert asked

Opeyemi Akintunde

“You want to sabotage my plans?” Fareed said

“It’s an evil plan, Sheikh where is your heart?” Amid asked

“Where it should be?”Fareed replied nonchalantly

“No, it is in the hands of Satan. And he is turning it in the direction of evil, bloodshed and war and Allah forbid, my son will be an instrument in the hands of the devil.” Amid said

“Are you calling me a messenger of Satan?”

“Anyone who desires to see the blood of another person created by Allah splattered on the floor is someone possessed by Shaitan (Satan) Himself” Amid said and in response, Fareed gave him a hot slap…

“How dare you?” Fareed said and With uncontrolled Anger, he brought out his sharpened knife and stabbed Amid in the stomach…


Rokibah knew instantly something had happened. Her heart felt sad all of a sudden, where she sat in the house waiting for Amid…

“Allah, please forgive me for conniving with Sheikh to do evil, forgive me for living with hate and unforgiveness…” Rokibah kept saying over and over as she watched endlessly waiting for Amid to step out of Fareed’s building.

Few minutes later, she saw four of the men on the camp walk into the house. Moments later, they walked out carrying a body that was dripping blood. Rokibah felt her tongue was in her throat. She rushed out of her house towards the body…

“Amid!” Rokibah screamed when she saw the hand of Amid that had dropped by his side. The women of the camp rushed at her and stopped her from getting close to Amid…

“Shiekh !!!! Fareed What have you done to my husband? Fareed!!” Rokibah screamed in tears… Rokibah disengaged from the women as she overpowered them. She ran after the mini truck they had put Amid. Rokibah saw the shovel beside Amid’s body. Amid had been killed and was about to be buried. The driver of the mini truck stepped on the accelerator as soon as Rokibah came charging towards the truck…

Rokibah fell to the ground crying and pouring the dust on herself.

“Fareed! What have you done?”

“What we were commanded to do to those who are not ready to go in the way of Allah!” Fareed said loudly from his balcony…

Rokibah wished she had not connived with the son of the devil. She was sure she was going to lose Ishmael as well in the bomb blast.

She had been emptied!

“O Allah (God)! Forgive Amid, have mercy on him, and cause him to enter Your Paradise.” Rokibah said with hot tears flowing down her face…

Just like that! Amid was gone!

She needed to get out of the camp and save the Only she thing she had left in this life.


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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


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