Opeyemi Akintunde

It all started that period; the time where there was a strong war between the Muslims and the Christians.

Peter Andrews was a university lecturer, while Amid Roqeeb was a postgraduate student in the same university.

Peter Andrews was a devout Christian, African American and a Good mathematician. He was very intelligent. He was happily married to Roseline, a Briton. She was a nurse and needed to be at work at odd hours. Peter and Roseline had a two year old son named Isaac. He was their happiness. He was their gift from Jehovah after the loss of their first son Abraham.

Life couldn’t be more perfect than what they had at that moment and they could attribute this, to their devotion to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That was why they named their first son Abraham. They had prayed to God to give them 3 sons who they intended to name Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They had been so happy, Jehovah had been kind to them giving them Abraham five years earlier but three years later he had been unfortunately taken from them…



Abraham had fallen ill. He had this unrelenting cough. As a nurse, Roseline had bought some over-the-counter drugs for him. Instead of the cough releasing its grip on Abraham, the cough was getting worse.

Peter couldn’t bear the pain of Abraham coughing so he took it upon himself to take him to the hospital while Roseline went to work. She was working in a different hospital. Peter had been told to go bring the over-the -counter drugs they had been using for Abraham for his cough.

Peter was at home picking up the drugs when he heard a loud blast that shook the earth…

“ What is happening?” Peter spoke silently but didn’t pay much attention as he packed the drugs into a ziplock bag…

He began to hear the loud siren of the Firefighters…

“A house must have caught fire” Peter resolved but a phone call from Roseline said otherwise…

“ Peter… Are you okay?” Roseline screamed

“ Yes, I am fine….”

“ Thank you Jesus! That means you must have left the hospital before the blast! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Ok Love you dear!” Roseline hung up before Peter could recover from the shock he was going into …

“ The blast? Hospital?” The ziplock fell from his hand as he ran into his car.

A terrorist group had planted a bomb in the hospital and Abraham died in the blast.

Opeyemi Akintunde

That was three years earlier. The loss had been intense, the pain was deep and hence he swore never to have anything to do with the Muslims. It was based on the knowledge that Terrorist groups were associated with the Islamic religion that made him avoid anyone from that religion like a plague. He left the government owned University he was lecturing so as to avoid mixing up with any Muslim. He got an offer into a Christian University where he started lecturing five months After Abraham’s death.

Jehovah eased their pain by making Roseline become pregnant shortly after the loss of Abraham…

Isaac came forth and filled their lives with happiness again.

Amid on the other hand was an Arab young man who was studying as a postgraduate student at the Christian University where Peter was lecturing. Amid was a very cool headed person. He was one of those people who didn’t stand out in public. He loved being unnoticed, hence no one knew he was a Muslim except his lecturers.

He was married to Rokibah and they were blessed with a son; Ishmael. He was their gift from Allah. He made them smile always. He was two years of age but he was sharper than his age. Rokibah was a full time housewife so it made dropping and picking up Amid everyday, very easy. She had encouraged him to continue with his academics knowing how smart Amid was especially with Mathematics, while she stayed at home to take care of Ishmael.

That Life changing day started as usual, there was the rumour that a religious fight would break out that day, but the government had done a lot of press conferences to plead with the citizens of the country against a religious war. The President specifically pleaded with the Muslims and Christians but the leadership of the two parties were not giving the government their ears. The Christians were angry the Muslims were killing Christians who tried preaching to them, while the Muslims were angry that the Christians felt their religion was more superior…. Each religious sect set out to defend their religion, especially the Christians who became highly intolerant of the terrorism associated with the Muslims.

“Solve this!” Peter Andrews said to his undergraduate students as he stepped out of the class. He had one task; to speak with Roseline over the phone as he awaited the arrival of Isaac. Due to the nature of Roseline’s work, Peter was responsible for dropping Isaac off at the Crèche while the Crèche was responsible for returning him at 1:30pm. It was 1:15pm already and Roseline was home.

“I just gave my students this tough equation and it will take them a long time to solve, so I am all yours!” Peter said to Roseline

“That’s not nice… I don’t envy your students!” Roseline replied laughing as she moved around in the kitchen. Peter heard the clanking of dishes

“What are you doing?” Peter asked

“Washing the plates and making Lunch!” Roseline replied

“But I told you not to do that, you have been gone since last night, you should be taking a nap right now!”

“A nap? With you speaking to me?” Roseline said laughing…

“Well, you can lie down on the bed while talking to me…”

“I will do that tomorrow…” Roseline said obviously not meaning what she said

“Roseline, Your tomorrow never ends, I hope this doesn’t stand against you as lies… You know when it is tomorrow, you will repeat the same thing…” Peter said laughing… He wouldn’t trade Roseline and Isaac for anything in the world. They were God’s gift to him.

“I love you Roseline… I hope you know that!” Peter said

“I love you forever Peter…”

He saw the School bus driving towards the university… His heart bubbled with Joy…

“My Son is here” Peter said proudly and though he was used to that “Joyful feeling” he still couldn’t control the racing of his heart as he saw Isaac jumping in excitement in the school bus at the sight of Him.

“Jehovah, thank you for giving me Isaac…”



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