If you support APC, you are wicked – activist Rinu Oduala

Rinu Oduala

The All Progressive Congress supporters have been called “wicked” by human rights activist, Rinu Oduala.

To spread this statement, she took to social media.

According to her, these APC supporters don’t care about the death, instability, poverty, and unemployment the country has experienced.

Oduala continued by saying that everything that has occurred in Nigeria is a joke to these individuals, which is why she described them as “wicked”.

In her words;

Do you know why I think you are a wicked person if you support APC?

The death, poverty, insecurity, joblessness etc, no concern you. Everything that has happened in the country is a joke to you.

You are a very wicked person.

Rinu Oduala is the executive project director of HuBNGR, a platform that documents, defends and advocates against state violence and police brutality in Nigeria.