“If you dr@g Me, my fans will dr@g you” – Ilebaye issues strong w@rning to housemates and Tr0lls (Video)

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BBNaija All-stars housemate, Ilebaye Odiniya, issued a strong warning to her fellow housemates and those dragging her on social media.

During a recent event for all the BBNaija All Stars housemates, one of the interviewers had asked; “Nice to meet you. So what’s life like As a celebrity and winner?”

In response, Ilebaye revealed that it has not been easy as a celebrity.

However, she is grateful for her fans, “Baye Tribe” as she knows they will always have her back.

Sending a strong warning to her fellow housemates and Trolls, Ilebaye declared that her fans will drag anyone who drags her.

She said;

“As a young winner, life is good. It’s great to be able to come out of the house and be young. But it hasn’t been easy.

It’s been stressful, like the social media. But it’s all love and light.

I’ve been saying it from my fans, from everybody, love, life.

I haven’t seen anything. Hey, if you drag me, they will drag you back. So it’s just love and light.


Watch the video below;

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