If you don’t have Range Rover SUV or Ferrari, if you see me walking on the road don’t approach me – Nigerian lady warns broke men

A Nigerian lady has stirred reactions from netizens after she issued a stern warning to potential partners who were broke.

She stated that possessing a Range Rover SUV or a Ferrari is a need for any romantic relationship with her.

She firmly stated her requirements, asserting that anybody without these expensive automobiles should not approach her for any kind of relationship.

The lady’s speech drew a lot of attention, resulting in a flood of responses from those who disagreed with her and her requests.

Watch the video here,

In other news, a Nigerian man shocked netizens with a story about the petty reason his friend broke up with his girlfriend.

According to the user identified as Celebrity Tailor on Twitter, the friend had great expectations for his birthday and expected to get a message from his partner around midnight.

When he didn’t receive the expected mess, he decided to call it quits on their relationship.

The Twitter user went on to say that his friend mistook his girlfriend’s refusal to send a birthday greeting for a lack of interest in their relationship.