IF WITCHES WERE HORSES … Episode 19&20 – Kolade Segun Okeowo


The silence became deeper as Lanre took the backward steps to position himself for the jump. The greatest of the candidates was going for a life and death jump.

Should Lanre die in the process the whole campus would be engulfed in a crisis within twenty-four hours, the President of the Students’ Union would be declared missing! Policemen would be invited.

The thoughts ran wildly through the Capone’s mind. As Lanre ran towards the fire, Dragoe closed his eyes tightly.

Princess Hagatha continued her operations on the campus. At the same time, she pursued the mission in Onigba Iwofa.

She possessed a dual personality. Her ranking as a Daughter of the River operating In the Highest Level of Spiritual Wickedness, afforded her the rare privilege of being able to be in four places at the same time.

She had registered as a student in the Federal University. Her recent promotion in the Marine kingdom had earned her a hundred percent increase in the number of demons in her control.

In the last two semesters she had successfully initiated forty two girls into the marine kingdom.

Her method had been very simple; give them various gifts ranging from cosmetics to under wears and expensive clothes, thereby drawing their hearts closer.

By the time she introduces them to the Marine Kingdom, none would be able to resist.

She had however carefully avoided the girls who are born-again Christians. She knew them and could identify the serious ones.

She has a powerful telescopic device attached to her forehead.

The invisible device enables her to see through the heart of others and have knowledge of what goes on there.

As she strolled towards one of the lecture rooms that morning, her mind was completely occupied with the successes of her mission at the Onigba-Iwofa village.

Following the death of Elder Bodunde, most of the church members had stopped coming to the services. The incident and other mysterious deaths had sent fear into the congregation.

She strolled across the Students Union Building. Lanre and two of his friends stood on the balcony overlooking the Aluta Grounds.

Hagatha walked provocatively, her hips jutting out precariously as she moved. Her mini-shirt exposed a greater part of her seductive thighs. She wore a topless blouse.

From the balcony of the Students’ Union Building, Lanre’s eyes followed her, his mind far away from the discussion going on between his friends.

From where he stood, he could see the girl’s cleavages. He fixed his eyes on her as she moved closer and closer.

“Men … check out this babe!” Lanre broke the discussion “This is one of the hottest babes on this campus … What do you think Chris?”

“Well, as for me I’m not interested in any babe now … I have more than enough…I’m even thinking of how to offload them!” Chris said laughing!

“Lanre, I know this babe o! She’s too heavy for you. She’s one of the richest on this campus. She drives a Lexus!” Said George.

‘Lexus!’ Lanre’s heart missed a beat. Then he remembered something. ‘… and so what! There’s no babe on this campus I can’t capture within minutes’ said Lanre.

‘Because you’re President of the Students’ Union?’ Sneered Chris.

“Bullshit! Forget about being President or not … I can get this girl in a matter of minutes!” Lanre boasted.

Princess Hagatha was now standing in front of the Union Building as if waiting for someone. Suddenly, one of her files dropped. She bent to pick the file exposing more of her nudity.

“Oh my God…” Lanre whistled “Imagine those legs! Men, I must have this girl”

“I’m sure she’ll nail you” George warned.

“If she nails me, I’ll buy you twelve bottles of beer. If not you’ll do the buying” Lanre set a bargain.

“Accepted!” George said without thinking. He was sure the girl will turn down Lanre.

He believed such girls are too expensive to be carried away by the fact that a guy belonged to the Students’ Union Government.

He knew Betty very well; the Peugeot 505 she now drives is her third car in one session. She used to drive a Benz 230E and a BMW in the previous semesters.

Lanre on his own knew the girl would fall for him. Not because he was the President of the Students’ Union but because he was in possession of something beyond human explanation.

As he ran down the stairs towards the girl, he drew out a white handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his face three times.

The handkerchief had never failed since the Capone handed it over to him following his initiation.

He had used it five times successfully dumping the girls after having carnal knowledge of them.

“Hi … you look like the beauty queen I saw in my dream yesternight!” Lanre started as he got to where Princess Hagatha stood. She turned around and saw Lanre. The approach threw her off balance.

“I’m sure I wasn’t the one you saw, neither do I look like her” She responded.

“Am afraid, I’m convinced you’re the one … I’ll like to know you better… I’m Lanre Durotoye, LARRY BEE, President of the Students’ Union”

“Well, everyone on the campus knows you” She replied blushing.

“So give me the privilege of knowing you”

“I’m Betty… Betty Campbell” She said flashing her beautiful gap tooth.

“I swear, I have never seen a more beautiful girl on this campus” Lanre said between smiles.

“Thanks for the compliments” She smiled again.

“Your name rings a bell you know?”

“Really… what do you mean” Hagatha knew where he was heading to.

She smiled again. Already she was planning her strategies on how to deal with the young man standing before her.

“I lost my girlfriend last semester, her name was Betty, she was my only girlfriend, I loved her so much before she died” The lies were flowing out ceaselessly. Lanre himself wondered where he found those fabrications.

“Oh! What a pity, please accept my condolence” Betty said, her voice dropping in sympathy.

“Can I say I’ve found another Betty?”

Betty was silent … She stared at Lanre and burst into laughter out of pity for him.

‘Common she’s falling for me’ Lanre thought.

“Can we see more of each other…? I stay in the Presidential Lodge. May I take you out tonight? ”

“To where?” Betty asked

“Anywhere you choose” Lanre said his mind racing very fast.

“Well… my lectures end at seven, I need to freshen up. So I can’t go anywhere until nine”

“That’s okay by me… are you saying I should pick you at nine” Lanre asked again.

“May be” She said shrugging her shoulders. Lanre knew what she meant. He knew a lady meant “yes” if she says “may be”. She gave her room number.

Chris and George had watched from the Student’s Union Building with disbelief. George had expected the girl to walk away from him or simply refuse to talk to him.

Lanre returned to them gleefully. He threw the handkerchief up in a sign of victory.

“George … my twelve bottles!”

“Larry BEE Odjiga!” They hailed him.

Betty stole a glance back and saw the young men rejoicing. She shook her head, smiled and walked away.

Lanre found Betty rather too easy. By the time he arrived to pick her for the date, Betty was already waiting for him.

Her night wear was both smashing and revealing; almost exposing her entire nudity. Lanre was happy.

He imagined where the date would end up that night.

“I ve never seen a more smashing nightdress like this in all my life”. Lanre said as he settled on the side chair waiting for Betty to tidy up herself.

“Thanks for the compliment” Betty said and smiled. She quickly stole a glance at Lanre sizing up what he was wearing. A brown baggy shirt and blue jeans.

“I’m ready”. She said.

“How about your room mates”. Lanre asked.

“I don’t have any roommate. I bought the room to myself alone” She replied.

Lanre smiled trying to cover up his surprise. It’s not only strange but also unheard of on the campus where some rooms are occupied by as many as eight or even twelve students.

He wondered how Betty managed to buy the room from the porters when the Students’ Union had made a rule against such sale of rooms.

“How did you manage to buy a room,” He asked as they entered the Students Union official car he had brought to pick Betty.

“I simply paid off the official allottees” She said smiling. Lanre looked at her with surprise.

“You paid them off! … and they accepted?”

“The offer was irresistible!”

“How much?”

“Two hundred naira each”

“How many of them?”


Lanre did a quick calculation. Six hundred naira for a room that officially costs one hundred and twenty naira per occupant.

“I see” Lanre managed to say.  He strongly detested the action. To him, such things are the negative effects of capitalism which he and his colleagues in the Student’s Socialist Club had campaigned against.

He quickly dismissed his thoughts on the issue.

That should not be enough to stop his evening of bliss with Betty. Capitalism or no capitalism, he was going to enjoy himself with Betty.

He parked the car about a hundred metres away from the gates of Hotel de Pleasure. He chose a quiet dark spot where no one would be able to identify the Student’s Union vehicle.

He had to do that or else tongues will begin to wag on the campus. The Press Clubs would have a field day bragging and make mountain out of molehill from the incident.

He looked around and prayed silently that no one would see the car there.

Lanre did not waste time to invite Betty to one of his rooms he had booked a few hours earlier. Betty accepted immediately.

‘The handkerchief is working like magic!’ Lanre thought. He brought the white handkerchief out and wiped his face.

Betty took a final sip from the red wine and adjusted her gown. They had hardly taken half of the full chicken Lanre ordered.

As soon as they entered the room, Betty started undressing.

Though, Lanre was surprised, he did not show it. This was about the cheapest of the girls he had used the handkerchief on.

He silently thanked his star and imagined what would have done without the handkerchief.

Within thirty minutes, it was all over. Lanre had satisfied his fleshly lust. Tired and exhausted, he lied carelessly on the bed sweating despite the air conditioner in the room. Gradually, he drifted off into sleep.

Betty lay beside him.

At midnight, Betty woke. Opened her eyes gradually and checked her wristwatch, seven minutes to midnight! She had only five minutes left to get to the palace of the Queen of the Katangua Kingdom.

The Queen will not tolerate any excuse no matter how genuine it might appear.

She rose from the bed and put on her clothes. She picked her bag after wearing her shoes. She leaned beside the wardrobe and transformed herself into her garment of the Katangua region.

With her left hand she cast a spell on the body lying almost motionlessly on the bed and disappeared. She would be in the palace within ten seconds.

Hotel de Pleasure maintains a tradition of excellence in its customers’ relations and services.

The management has instructed the staff to treat customers as if the hotel were a five star hotel, though it was not.

Ten of its stewards had been taken on a practical course to the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos where they stayed a whole week and understudied the services and customer relations of the premier hotel.

As soon as they returned, the management changed their uniforms to more corporate looking ones with new shoes and other accessories.

The services of Hotel de Pleasure changed rapidly, within two weeks. In the last one month, the hotel had played hosts to the Conference of Vice-Chancellors of Universities and the International Committee on Disarmament meeting.

Its nearness to the University campus had rendered it an haven for the University lecturers and students who could afford the charges.

As usual one of the stewards had approached room 207 where Lanre and Betty had lodged with his tray of coffee. The Hotel Manager had instructed that all guests be served free coffee every morning.

He knocked twice, but there was no response. He knocked the third time and thought he heard a response; he opened the door and moved in smiling. The pillow moved too fast for him to dodge.

He was hit and sent crashing on the floor with the tray of the hot coffee he was carrying. He quickly stood up to survey what had happened to him.

Right on the bed was Lanre looking weird and wild, he had already scattered the room.

He had only his pants on. The steward stood there transfixed unsure of what to do.

“O…ro…go…ji….go! O …ro… go…ji… go…ooo!” Screamed Lanre beating his chest like King Kong. He made for the bedside stool and dashed it at the steward.

It was too fast for the steward, the stool landed directly where he stood. He managed to escape narrowly. He dashed quickly out of the room crashing into another steward along the corridor and scramble towards the Hotel Manager’s office.

“Alfred, what’s going on here?” The Manager asked as the steward burst into his office panting.

 “The … the guest … in  …in room 207 is going crazy!”

“Going crazy? … Are you alright?”

“Yes Sir! He came yesterday around 8.30pm with a girl … He attacked me” The steward said still panting, managing to squeeze the words out of himself.

“He could be drunk…” The manager offered an explanation of the situation.

“No sir … I attended to them when they came last night. He did not finish the only bottle of stout he ordered”

“But that’s strange … alright … go get the guards and meet me in the room”

“Alright Sir … please Sir don’t attempt to go in, he may harm you!”

The door to room 207 was slightly opened when the Manager got there. A small crowd had already gathered along the corridor discussing the incident. The other steward pushed down by Alfred was there nursing his wound. One of the cups he was carrying had broken and left a wound on his forehead.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I want to assure you that there’s no cause for alarm.” The Manager said trying to allay the fears of the crowd mainly the guests who were staying in rooms on that floor. They had heard the noise and screaming so they came out to see what the noise meant.

“Everything will soon be brought under control”. He said and moved near the door, he placed his ear on the door and listened for any sound.

He appeared to have heard no sound.

Gradually, he opened the door and stepped carefully into the room… he looked around the room, the bed was rough quite alright, but no one was there, he bent to check under the bed, it was empty suddenly two pairs of hands grabbled his neck tightening his windpipe.


“Everything will soon be brought under control”. He said and moved near the door, he placed his ear on the door and listened for any sound. He appeared to have heard no sound.

Gradually, he opened the door and stepped carefully into the room… he looked around the room, the bed was rough quite alright, but no one was there, he bent to check under the bed, it was empty suddenly two pairs of hands grabbled his neck tightening his windpipe.

Lanre had hid behind the door for his next victim.

The manager screamed, two of the hotel guards rushed in and rescued him from Lanre’s hands. Immediately, he scrambled out of the room.

The two stewards joined the guards to overpower Lanre and bundled him out of the room to the security post.

“Sorry Sir, I hope you were not hurt?” said Alfred as he returned to the Manager’s office.

“Oh my God!” said the manager panting. “I’ve never seen anything of this sort in my life… where is he from?

“From the campus … I think I know him Sir”

“You know him?” asked the manager with a renewed enthusiasm.

“He is the President of the Sstudent’s Union on the campus” Alfred said with certainty.

“What! President of the Students Union?… I hope this is not going to lead to a crisis” Fear was written all over the face of the Manager.

“I don’t know Sir O” Alfred said scratching his head. “Akpan said he saw Student’s Union car parked outside there under a tree while coming to work this morning” Alfred said pointing to the direction of the gate.

“May be that’s the vehicle he brought” said the Manager as he rose from his chair and moved towards the window to see if he could sight the vehicle. He felt a sharp pain on his neck as he tried to move.

“That monster has broken my neck!” He tried to stretch out his neck; he screamed and quickly returned to his seat. “So, what about the girl who came with him last night?”

“The girl was not in the room when I got there”

“She must have escaped when she saw the situation, who knows, it may be ‘Magun’!” The manager said his expression gradually becoming emotional.

“The strange aspect of this case is that the gatemen said nobody has left this hotel today, so how did the girl escape?” Alfred said with emphasis. He was happy discussing with the Hotel Manager. Such privileges are rare.

“The girl could have escaped before midnight!” The Manager said in a “you-fool” manner.“Any way, tell the security men to bind him with rope … and put him inside my car, I’ll get him to the campus myself”

“Oga you alone?”

“Off course not … the security men will have to go with me… it was broken neck before, I don’t want a broken head now”

The Students Affairs Dean wasted no time in getting Lanre to the University Teaching Hospital. He had already become extra violent when he got to the hospital.

The Dean had to bring along six of the university security men who bundled him into the hospital.

He struggled violently with the six men cursing loudly and spitting. By the time they succeeded in getting him into one of the wards, some of them had bruises.

Dr. Charles Omatshola stared at the laboratory reports on his table he compared them with his findings; they seemed to make no sense. He brought out his handkerchief and wiped his face.

He clenched his fist and slammed it on the table. The telephone on the table jammed up and fell on the ground breaking the outer panel.

Dr. Omatshola did not bother about the telephone; he looked closely at the two reports again. This was going to be the most complex case he would handle since he qualified as a psychiatrist, sixteen years ago.

He stood up and paced around the room. His steps were rhythmic and systematic. He must have paced round the room in a circle when he suddenly thought of an idea. He grabbed one of the two reports and dashed out of the room as if on an emergency call.

Dr. Omatshola had instructed the room where Lanre was kept to be under lock always. None of his friend was permitted to see him.

Not even the Students’ Union officials. The two days he had spent under Dr. Omatshola were like hell to the middle aged Psychiatrist.

He had never seen any case like that before. All the reports showed that Lanre was perfectly alright.

The brain showed no sign of damage or stress. The patient was not expected to behave abnormally, but this was not only behaving abnormally but also violently.

“Who’s the nurse on duty here?” Dr. Omatshola was almost screaming now. All the nurses in that psychiatric ward detest working with Omatshola. He shouts and commands as if on a battle field.

Some say his father was a soldier who died in active service. Others say Omatshola himself had actually spent a few years in the Nigerian Army before he proceeded to study medicine.

His huge frame and searching eyes are enough to make any nurse jittery.

“I say who the hell’s on duty ‘ere!” he shouted again.

“I am Sir”. Nurse Ifeoma stepped closer slowly to see what Bully Omatshola had seen again.

“Open the room, I need to see the patient” Omatshola commanded.

Though Ifeoma was expecting the worst, she never had in mind close to what she saw!

Lanre was there on the bed sitting upright, the ropes used to tie him to the bed had been broken, and blood gushed freely from his month and nostrils.

He stared wildly at Omatshola and Ifeoma and let out a deafening scream. He shook the bed violently and snapped off the ropes across his arms.

“What the hell is going on here Ifeoma? What have you given him” Dr. Omatshola demanded.

“I don’t know doctor … I have not given him anything. The pharmacy is yet to deliver his drugs” Ifeoma said managing to cover her stammering and shivering.

‘It’s getting worse!’ Dr. Omatshola declared talking to no one in particular. He shook his head, sighed heavily and walked away. Ifeoma stood there waiting for instructions on what to do.

“You lock the door” He turned around and gave a final word. Ifeoma quickly closed the door, happy that Dr. Omatshola was leaving at least.

His presence was more than enough to send shivers down the spine of any nurse and especially the interns.

Professor Bankole had known Omatshola for over twenty five years. They had first met at the Balewa Hall in the University of Ibadan when they both came in as freshers.

Bankole was admitted for History and classics, while Omatshola came in for medicine. Bankole knew Omatshola was not the man who minces his words. He says whatever he meant and meant whatever he says.

When Bankole became a Professor two years ago and was appointed Dean of Students’ Affairs, Omatshola was the first to send him a congratulatory card. Bankole and Omatshola live on the same road in the university Staff Quarters.

As Omatshola ushered him into his office that morning, Bankole knew something had gone wrong. Bankole had taken special interest in the case of Lanre.

As the Dean of Students’ Affairs, he had enjoyed a relatively peaceful relation with the Students’ Union. He was particularly sad when Lanre’s plight was reported to his office.

“Have your seat” Omatshola said. Bankole sat, but very slowly. He knew something unpalatable must have happened.

‘Was Lanre dead?… May be broke away from the wards’

“Victor … I must confess to you” Omatshola started “This case is beyond medical explanation. The results of all our tests say the boy is perfectly okay… but there’s no single sign of improvement on him. This might not be unconnected with some esoteric forces…”

He paused to see if the words were sinking, then he continued.

“Well I don’t know what to do again” Omatshola said, sighed heavily and relaxed on his chair. Bankole knew his friend had said the final word, he meant what he said.

“So what do we do now?” asked Bankole, his voice laden with emotion.

“Remove him from here…it is no use keeping him here. Have you informed his parents?”

“Not yet … some of his friends have suggested they use spiritual means … but I felt that can’t be the solution”. Said Bankole,

“Well, I don’t believe in spiritual solutions, but in this case any alternative is worth a trial at least to save the poor boy. He has not eaten in three days….He may die if that continues in this condition”. Bankole shook his head.

“Allow his friends to try the spiritual alternatives”

You can come and see him…He started vomiting blood today” Omatshola was on his feet.

“Oh my God… blood?”

Bankole paced slowly behind Omatshola who was taking him to see Lanre. The pace increased as Omatshola moved closer to the Psychotic ward.

The screams of Lanre were all over the ward. Soon, Omatshola was running towards the ward as the screams increased rapidly.

Bankole followed him running and panting heavily. His heavy frame, creating a great hindrance as the gap between him and Omatshola increased by the seconds.

“What’s going on again?” Omatshola asked the nurses on duty who had clustered around the door. Ifeoma was peeping through the key-hole.

“Sir, we heard a female voice talking to him, suddenly he started barking and increased his screams. When we peeped inside, we did not see anyone there” said Ifeoma.

“Where’s the key?” Omatshola asked.

“Sir, he must have broken the ropes, maybe we should call in the security men”

“The key first!” barked Omatshola. Ifeoma quickly handed over the key to Omatshola. She blamed herself for trying to ensure her boss safety. She must have forgotten that Omatshola is not a man who takes suggestions from Nurses and interns. Only consultants like him could talk to him.

As Omatshola turned the key the three nurses stepped back to a safe distance. Gradually, Omatshola opened the door. The screams had ceased, only grunts and animal-like growls came from the room.

“Oh my God!” Omatshola almost screamed. “Victor, see what I mean” He beckoned at Bankole who had since maintained a safe distance. Bankole moved closer and saw what he least expected.

Lanre had rolled down from the bed to the ground sprawling there. He had become paralysed. One of his legs appeared shriveled. His eyeballs were red and bugling, blood streamed down his nostrils, while his mouth twisted drooping with his saliva.

Bankole burst into tears. He could not hide his emotions.

“I’m sorry Victor, but just as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing I can do again … why don’t you inform his parents?”

“I’ll have to do that. I thought we could handle it all alone”

“But we’ll have to discharge him immediately”

“Oh yes! No problem, I understand your plight”

“Ifeoma please get some security men to come and get him out of here” said Omatshola.

“Oh, no need, some of his colleagues are outside there in my car. They’re all Students’ Union Officials. They came with his roommate who has volunteered to invite some Christians to pray for him… they’ll pick him themselves”

“Well there’s no harm in trying prayers especially now that we can’t offer any medical explanation for his condition”.

“I’ll call them myself and explain to them…Victor, thanks for your understanding” said Omatshola.

Every student on the campus knows that the University Sports’ Centre was not only a sporting arena. In fact it had been put to more usage outside sports.

Christian Fellowships on the campus have virtually turned the whole Sports Centre into their prayer grounds. No less than nine separate fellowships hold regular programmes in different parts of the Sports Centre.

Not only was the Centre removed from the academic arena and hostels, it has a quiet and serene environment suitable for devotion.

Fellowship activities in the Sports’ Centre are normally high especially in the first weeks after resumption.

Gradually the activities decrease as exams approach. In fact some fellowships were known to have suspended their weekly activities in exams period.

Bolaji had spoken to Lawon the leader of the deliverance unit of Evangelical Christian Union, one of the largest fellowships on the campus.

As they arrive the basket ball pitch of the Sports’ Centre in the Health Centre’s ambulance. Lawon spoke continuously in tongues even as they carry Lanre from the ambulance to the pitch.

“Now, every demonic spirit in this body, I command you, come out in Jesus name” Lawon shouted after about fifteen minutes of non-stop speaking in tongues. He had commanded the rest to speak in tongues.

Bolaji stood a safe distance away. Unable to speak in tongues, he simply prayed for his friend’s deliverance.

The whole episode had been very embarrassing to him in the last four days. He and the Students’ Union officials had tried everything possible to suppress the news, but failed.

A campus journalist blew up the story! He had seen the Union’s car where Lanre had packed it on the night he took Betty to Hotel de Pleasure.

The guy had returned to the hotel very early in the morning to find out from one of the hotel staff what the Union President had come to do in the hotel.

He had arrived in time to see Lanre being bundled into the hotel’s van by the security men. He got more information from Alfred and went straight to the campus. Within six hours, everyone on the campus had heard the news.


Various Press Clubs quickly got their boards reactivated with the news.

“LARRY BEE GOES CRAZY” said Campus Echo.

“SUG PRESIDO ON RAMPAGE!” reported the sensational Student’s Tribune.

The Campus Guardian simply said “LARRY BEE RUNS MAD”.

Bolaji was ashamed of himself when he heard the news. Everyone knew he was Lanre’s roommate. He knew when Lanre was dressing up for the date with Betty that fateful night.

“Larry Bee, your dating is getting too much” he remembered he had warned him.

“… and so what !!!. Have I stopped you from dating any girl” was Lanre’s response. He had shouted Bolaji down that night before going out to pick Betty at the Queens Hall.

“The Bible says at the name of Jesus…” Lawon continued. He was now standing in the middle of the circle formed by the other four members of the team “…every knee shall bow, in heaven and on earth, and that every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord… Now I command you, out! In Jesus name” Lawon’s voice rang out in the dark.

As if troubled by the impact of Lawon’s loud voice, Lanre wriggled and struggled violently on the ground.

The rope was still around his arms and legs. Suddenly, a strange croaking female voice spoke through Lanre.

“Stop! Why are you disturbing me! What business have you in this? Do you know what transpired between us? Don’t disturb me; I don’t want to disturb you because none of you is capable of arresting me!”

“You lie!” Shouted Lawon immediately. “The name of Jesus Christ is our shield. Don’t you know that through the name of Jesus, I have power to tread upon serpents and scorpions? … You demons spirit residing in this body I challenge you to battle in Jesus name!”

Lawon moved closer to the Lanre and laid hands on his head. Violently, he shrugged and barked exactly like a provoked Alsatian dog.

Bolaji was already shaking where he stood. Though a karate expert, he knew what was going on was beyond the best karate fighter in the world. He had never seen anything like that before.

You… you are challenging me to battle?” The strange female voice started again. “You are stupid! You want to cast me out of this body? Impossible! What power do you have to challenge me?

One of you fornicated yesterday! Now you all come here screaming at me … go away you fools… and you, did you not cheat in your exams, yet you call yourselves Christians… you’re no match for me!” The voice screamed hysterically.

Suddenly, Folake, the only female lady in the team fell violently and started rolling on the ground, shaking.

Fear gripped all the rest including Lawon. Bolaji moved a few metres away. The whole affair appeared like an epic movie.