“If they want more DNA I’m ready”: Lady says as test confirms she didn’t cheat

A middle-aged couple was over the moon when they were told they were the biological parents of a child whose paternity was in question.

Madzongo delivers hot news. The two had appeared on the Madzongo TikTok channel, and the man wanted to know if the child they were raising belonged to the man.

“The probability of paternity is 99.99 per cent; in other words, we are saying you are the father of the child without any doubt,” said the host of the show.

When they were handed the papers detailing the child’s parentage, the lady didn’t even glance at them to confirm what she already knew.

“I’m thankful and very happy,” said the man, while perusing the documents intently.

“I’m just happy to see the results; the other relatives who were saying the baby is not his should come and see the results as well,” said the wife.

Relatives can ask for more DNA tests. When asked if she would show the results to their relatives, she answered in the affirmative.

“The child is theirs and I’m going to have more; if they want to keep coming for DNA tests, they can do so,” said the child’s mother.

“Yes, we are going to add because the number is not enough,” said the father.

When the man urged them to show each other how happy they were, he jumped eagerly and kissed his wife hotly in front of the cameras.



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