“If the church is HIS church, the gate of hell can never prevail” – Mike Bamiloye assures Christians

Mike Bamiloye assures Christians church

Gospel filmmaker Evang. Mike Bamiloye has assured Christians that despite adversaries, tribulations, and attacks targeted at the church, the church will continue to stand tall, provided it is Christ’s church.

It is no longer news that attacks on Christians and churches in Nigeria and outside the nation, along with the overall rise in violence targeting civilians, have drastically increased.

Recently, it was recorded that about 195 people were left unalive after armed gunmen attacked remote communities, destroyed churches, homes, and property, and k!lling people indiscriminately, while many were reported to have been burned to death in their homes in Plateau State.

In reaction, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has assured Christians that, as much as ‘The Church’ belongs to the creator of it, oppositions and adversaries will only make effort but will never have it destroyed.

“If the church is his church, He will build it even in the midst of oppositions and adversaries. The gate of hell can never prevail,” – He wrote

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