‘If he loves you, he will buy you ring not c0ndoms’ – Pastor Dr Seyi Obembe to singles

seyi obembe

Gospel filmmaker and Yesuna Global Ministries, Pastor Dr Seyi Obembe has charged singles especially ‘sisters’ who are yet married on how to place values on themselves the more.

The gospel filmmaker emphasized that s€xual imm0rality must be avoided at all costs while sharing some tips on how to deal with s€xual cravings.

He further stated that if all a man can buy to express his love is c0ndom and not ring to affirm his love, then his love should be considered l¥st.

In his words; L¥st buys a c0ndom, but Love buys a ring. C0ndom are cheap but rings are expensive. What he buys on you, is a function of the value he places on you. OTHER TIPS ON HOW TO DEAL WITH S€XUAL URGE BELOW

Never make purity your ultimate goal, make the pursuit of God your goal. Because purity is only an offshoot of the pursuit of God

Not until you redefine imm0rality in your mind, you will never be able to overcome it. Call it fornication, NOT fun!!! Call it wickedness NOT weakness!!

You don’t see with your eyes, you see with your mind through your eyes and so your eyes are ONLY attracted by what your mind loves.

You are instructed to resist the devil because you are bigger than him but you are to flea youthful l¥st because kongi is not your mate

You are always meeting him behind cl0sed doors, yet you are complaining that he has a demon of imm0rality. Receive sense!

You always sit on his l€gs during prayer meeting but you are complaining that his tongues are no longer CAPITAL. Receive sense