“I would rather sit with the d€vil than sit with Alex” – Pere Egbi

In a recent interview with Miracle OP, Pere left no room for confusion when asked about the prospect of sitting down with Alex in the future.

He not only expressed his disinterest in such a meeting but also made a rather strong statement, saying that he would prefer to engage in a conversation with the devil than with Alex.

This declaration throws more light to the severity of the conflict that exists between Pere and Alex.

Pere further revealed his commitment to maintaining a positive atmosphere in his life.

He clarified that he does not hold any lingering grudges against Alex, and his decision to distance himself from her is a deliberate choice. he just wants to shield his life from any negative energy or unresolved tensions, and he believes that this is the best course of action for his well-being.

This recent statement regarding Alex is not the first instance where Pere’s attitude towards her has attracted public attention.

Just a short while ago, when asked about Alex, Pere had seemingly downplayed her significance with a nonchalant “Who is Alex?” response. This seemingly dismissive reply triggered mixed reactions, with some interpreting it as an attempt to feign ignorance about Alex, given their shared history.

However, Pere has since addressed the matter more extensively in subsequent interviews and Twitter spaces. He has delved into his experiences and perspectives regarding Alex, providing more context to their strained relationship.

The roots of this conflict can be traced back to their time together in the Big Brother house. Initially, they had shared a somewhat romantic relationship that, over time, deteriorated into conflicts and disputes.

Their interactions within the house had resulted in a nearly physical altercation, with Pere going so far as to yank a mattress from Alex’s bed, nearly causing her to almost fall to the floor. This incident resulted in both Pere and Alex receiving a strike each.

The unresolved tensions and clashes from their time in the Big Brother house seem to have left a lasting impact on their relationship.

Pere’s recent statements and unwavering stance suggest that any prospects of reconciliation or amicable interactions between the two appear remote at best.