“I would donate my kidney to save my husband if he and my dad needs one urgently” – Regina Daniels

Regina Daniel Ned Nwoko

“I would donate my kidney to save my husband if he and my dad needs one urgently” – Regina Daniels

Regina Daniel Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniels, a Nigerian actress, declared that she would rather to donate a kidney to her children’s father, Ned Nwoko, than to her own father.

During a conversation on a movie set, Regina was asked a difficult topic regarding organ donation.

The young celebrity claimed that she would save her spouse for the sake of her sons if both her father and the father of her children were hospitalized at the same time for renal issues.

Regina expressed concern for the well-being and security of her children in her comment. The actress said that as a mother, her first priority is protecting the life and health of her children’s father.

She also emphasised the importance of her children having both parents in their lives. “As a mother, I will donate my kidney to my children’s father not because he is my husband but because I don’t want my children to grow up without a father,” she said.

Netizens react to Regina Daniels’ choice

Netizens were impressed by Regina Daniels’ thoughtful decision and praised her for putting her children’s pleasure and well-being first. See their reactions below:

daniel_nsude: “I will save my wife because I handle and endure the death of a mother but I can never let my children go through such pain, I love my mother ooo but the father in me will never let me take my children’s mother away from them, i can’t let my children go through such painful experience…my humble opinion.”

belinda_inviolater: “Thank God I’m single. I don’t want to imagine loosing my mom I love her too much.”

iamthe_ss: “There isn’t a right or wrong answer. I love how everyone answered the questions based on their lived experiences.”

chachaekefaani: “Gina, you are super intelligent and your response is apt.”

king_abiolavict: “Make future get out abeg, my mama first.” 

etih_alero: “I love how you made the emphasis MY CHILDREN’S FATHER… Nothing can measure up to mother’s love…you are a woman filled with wisdom..” 

ifunanyaigwe.kmj: “This question is a nightmare oh tank you my sis Gina ure super intelligent.”

crowncyanyanwu: “Someone said he will save his wife, wife that will leave him tomorrow and marry another man .. I will save my mom that suffered for me.”

zeus4154: “I nor get kidney to give anybody ooo.”


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