I was called an ‘Anti-Christ’ for using the title “Awo Jesu” and for also involving secular actors – Dr Oreofe Williams spills

The President of Oreofe Films and Theatre Productions Company, Dr Oreofe Williams in a short message titled ‘How I handled Rejection’ has highlighted to his social media followers how he was able to scale through the backlashes that trailed the production of Awo Jesu movie.

According to the Dr Oreofe Williams, the first issue he had after the movie ‘Awo Jesu’ was made and released was its title. He said he was questioned as to why he attached ‘Awo’ (Cult) to the name of Jesus. He explained further that he was tagged an ‘anti-Christ’ for it and was even dragged more by some Christian filmmakers for involving secular actors in the production.

He shared some deep issues that followed the movie and other movies he made, advising his followers to keep their heads up even at the face of challenges that may arise because they have a calling different from others.

“It was 2008…We had just released our third film AWO JESU into the market. The first problem was the title. How can my ‘Jesu’ have ‘Awo’?

I was called names. I remember one ‘Christian Actor’ texting someone to warn me. I will never forget the text: ‘Warn that Anti-Christ’, the boy who did that film AWO JESU, to stop circulating it or else…

This rejection was not as tough as the one I suffered from the fold I was initially determined to belong to. One young Evangelist came to my house one day and told me he was sent to warn me.

‘You mustn’t cast these people in the next film, otherwise that would be your end. In two years from now you won’t be able to do any film again’.

At a time, when I entered the forest to start a Film Village, another ‘born-again’ actor claimed he saw a revelation about me that ‘that place won’t work. He would soon quit’. Now, God is making same place to blossom day by day.

I can’t forget GOD OF ELIJAH and GOD BEHIND BARS by REDEMPTION TV. I played the lead role. Some ‘born-again’ actors were again angry that a company owned by RCCG allowed OREOFE WILLIAMS, TUBOSUN ODUNSIN, FUNSHO ADEOLU to feature in their films.

Again few years ago, a prayer mountain had asked me to shoot a film for them but our people were there again to disparage my name.

What has kept me over the years has been my ability to ignore rejections.

Just two weeks ago, one of my most powerful critics and young Gospel actor called me to ask for the names of some ‘secular actors’ to feature in his films. He wanted me in too (after apologizing) but I told him It’s a busy schedule for me.

Are you being rejected or condemned because you carry a VISION quite difficult to understand. The truth is those who reject you are not your enemies. People operate from the level of their knowledge.

Today we are still filming. Today one of my PhDs is in Film Studies & Media Communications. Today, some of those who hated us now use those actors.

Stand up right now! Run your VISION! You won’t give account to man but to God.

Never ever lose your purpose because it’s too complex for some people to understand.


Oreofe Williams ‘Awo Jesu’ as he bags 2nd PhD, eyes 3rd

Popular actor, Oreofe Williams on Monday, 19th of June, 2023 bagged another PhD, this time in ‘Film Studies and Media Communications’.

Dr Oreofe Williams who is largely known for his unique movie titles, involvement of secular actors in his movies and mentoring many youths, has by the new feat demonstrated that degrees are needed alongside anointing.

In series of posts made on his official Instagram page, the gospel actor noted that ‘Film Studies and Media Communication’, the area he bagged his new PhD is uniquely fresh in academic discourse.

He added that he is also considering a third PhD in a field within Political Science as he is gathering knowledge to explore various fields so as to dish out rich contents in any area he wishes to major his productions on.