“I was asked to leave” – Man who schooled in America returns to Nigeria (VIDEO)


In a TikTok video, an abroad returnee @official234store shared his experience of living in Nigeria.

He mentioned that Nigeria could be an enjoyable place to live if one’s lifestyle was subsidised.

Man speaks on how to enjoy living in Nigeria 

According to him, Nigeria is enjoyable if you do not have to pay rent, not work a traditional 9-5 job unless it pays well, or have parents or a sugar daddy/sugar mummy to cover expenses.

Speaking further in the TikTok clip, he cautioned against moving back if one has to rely on a low-paying 9-5 job.

Difficulties for content creators in Nigeria

The young man also highlighted the challenges content creators and e-commerce brands face in Nigeria. He mentioned that recording content becomes difficult as charges are imposed wherever they go.

He said: “I moved back to Nigeria a year ago and these are some of the things I realized. Nigeria is fun to live if your lifestyle is subsidized, if you’re not paying your rent or doing a 9-5 job except if your 9-5 job pays you well. 

“Or if your parents pay your bills or If you have a sugar daddy or sugar mummy paying your bills, Nigeria is amazing to live in. But if you have to go to 9-5 and they are paying you scraps, don’t move back. 

“Secondly, if you are a content creator or e-commerce brand, It is hard to record content in Nigeria cos anywhere you go, they charge you. 

Reactions as man speaks about living in Nigeria

The TikTok video by Official234store has sparked responses from netizens across Nigeria.

@Asiaa said: “I wish they would give international students more time after graduating to get a work visa!”

@Naomi said: “Do you stay in Lagos?” @Tanya “Tee” Kabuya said: “Interesting. I’m not Nigerian, been thinking of going to live there for a few months next year. So, great to hear this perspective.”

@SHE L commented: “I am considering moving back maybe for a year.” @KOBI WOLF said: “The content one that’s just lagos toh, other parts aren’t like that except you’re coming with proper gear and crew to shoot.”

@Ebun Yelé reacted: “Thank you for this moving back soon loool.”

Watch the video below:


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