I stepped on so many women’s toes – Ailing Nollywood actor Sule Suebebe begs for forgiveness, unable to walk (Video).

Ailing Nollywood actor Sule Bebe in a video making the rounds online seeks forgiveness from Nigerians most especially women.

In the viral video with a pastor named Agbala Gabriel, the Yoruba movie star said he stepped on so many toes due to his wayward lifestyle when he was still a youth.

As at the moment of filling this content, actor Sule Bebe has a serious health issue as he is unable to stand very well talk less of walking very well.

In the emotional video, the Yoruba actor uttered that during his youth days, he had an uncountable number of girlfriends and he can’t even specify the one he actually offended.

Apologizing to his wives and girlfriends, ailing actor Sule Bebe said he once married a lady abroad and they both had children together and he can’t even see them again.

He stated that he would have loved to prostrate as a way of seeking forgiveness but he can because of his poor health.

He concluded that by shedding tears asking to forgive him and pray for him as well in order to recover.;

See reactions below;

elohor_rohole: Living a life of regret at old age will never be my portion ijn treat people with respect.

simplyethnic_ng: Mercy is for those that are still alive. May God show you mercy and forgive all your sins in Jesus name.

gossipgal9ja: Because society only talks about women getting older, most men are not prepared for the reality of old age. It dawns on them too late.

tolulope_adedoyin: Love God in the days of your youth !. That is the mild time of your life , if you live it well your old age will never be filled with regret . Beauty will fade , being handsome will fade too … Think before you do things !.

dr_adanma_ojiugo: So na when people dey old dem dey remember people dem hurt? Let’s all try to be good to people please Hurting ur fellow human doesn’t pay.

oraspecial: Uncountable exes, baba must have been a bad boy, a very bad boy.

openupwithking: A lot of men are in his shoes and truthfully some children are only reaching out to their aged parents because they respect humanity Some parents don’t deserve shii.