I send money home every month: Abroad lady sheds tears over how her kid looks

A woman who makes a living overseas has cried out on social media over how her kid, whom she left in the country, looks.

According to her, she toiled in Saudi Arabia day and night for the betterment of her kids and was not pleased with his present state.

The lady identified as Rina said it was neighbours who sent her the video of her kid. She said she sends money home for the kid’s upkeep.

Reacting to some comments that greeted her post, the woman explained that she was not allowed to migrate to Saudi Arabia with her kid.

Reactions on social media

user6504831471730 said: “Maybe the family is big when you send money is not for your child alone it’s for the family to bye food she is just okay.”

user90309152136108betty holic said: “God protect our kids no one can care like areal mum.”

rest said: “She looks healthy and some people in village they ware good clothes when they are going to church.”

Wacera254 said: “It’s painful bt as long as shes healthy the rest will be well after u go back.”

Mama Roxie said: “I have a long story about my daughter that I had trusted a family member. Long story short nilimchukua, that was the best decision I have ever made.”

Arianna wa alhajji 515 said: “My grandmother used used to keep my clothes when I was younger for me to wear them when the visitors came and on big days coz I usd 2dirt them.”

beautiful Hann ❤said: “Kasita she is alive u will go back and clean her just continue praying for her mbabi.”