I proposed s+x for music to Simi but she rejected it – Brymo confesses (Audio).

Veteran Nigerian musician, Olawale ‘Brymo’ Oloforo, has gone online to confess turning down a request to feature Simi in a song after the singer refused to sl€€p with him.

According to the singer, he only wanted to experience what it felt like to have a collaboration with a lady whom he was r0mantically involved with.

However, he disclosed that the vocal singer turned him down but years after, a part of him still feels remorseful over the condition he gave her.

He also revealed that she wasn’t the only one as he had also reached out to some other ladies to fulfil his desires.

In his words, ““There’s a part of me that wants to seek remorse for my condition for a requirement with talented Simi.

I just wanted to have that experience of making music with a female act I was bedding. Of course I had to let go of the desperation.

I wanted a collaboration that involved s+x with my female collaborator.”

Brymo’s revelation has sparked outrage on social media with many netizens criticizing him for being sexist and promoting a toxic work culture.

Some also called for him to be held accountable for his actions and for Simi to speak up about her experience. Read some comments below:

@tinie.temper said, “This guy is siccc. So you want to bed every female you collaborate with? Smh.”

@tabs_ _tolz said, “All because of one song wey this guy sing over 20 years ago, nobody go rest for Obasanjo internet again ..na wa!”

@thickgodesss said, “If u are a woman in this country. Pray that God will remove any man that will be ur downfall in this life..”

@eriata_ese said, “For someone that said “prick no get shoulder” in his song; what do you expect.”

@nawa4thiscomment said, “I’m sure Tinubu would build Mental Health hospital for him, but that’s after he shares the 8k.”

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