‘I pray you don’t ∂ιε like this’ – Ebuka songs reacts after a Native Doctor said Jesus is arr¤gαnt for calling himself the only way (VIDEO)

gifted spirit-filled Nigerian gospel music minister and songwriter, Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary better known by his stage name Ebuka Songs, has recently reacted to a controversial video clip circulating on social media that challenges the divinity and teachings of Jesus Christ.

In the video, a man identified as an Odinala Native Doctor (Igbo Traditional Worshipper) is seen remarking that Jesus is arrogant for referring to himself as “the way, the truth, and the light,” suggesting that Christianity is not the only true religion as there are other paths to salvation besides Jesus. The Native Doctor also claimed that he was created by God.

Challenging a woman on the podcast who insisted that Jesus had been before creation to counter Odinala Native Doctor’s claim that his gods have been in existence before Jesus and Christainity, he said the only thing that made Jesus popular was the publicity he was given and also because of how he brags.

In response to the video clip, Ebuka took to the comment section of the post to share his thoughts. While acknowledging that he generally refrains from commenting on social issues, Ebuka expressed his concern and urged the individual behind the video to reconsider their words.

In a compassionate message, Ebuka advised against spreading potentially harmful narratives and prayed for the person’s spiritual well-being, hoping that their soul would find peace and salvation before the eventual return of Christ.

The video clip and Ebuka’s response have sparked conversations online, with many users discussing the importance of respecting religious beliefs and promoting understanding and empathy in online discourse.

In his words;

‘I don’t comment of social things but if this is a joke or drama please I advice you stop it , but above all things I pray you don’t ∂ιε like this , that your soul will be won before He retunes again, Amen’ SEE THE SCREENSHOT AND VIDEO BELOW


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