I pity the guy – Weeks to thier wedding, man catches fiancée doing hookup in the hotel room (Video).

A video posted on TikTok captured the dramatic moment a Nigerian man tested his fiancee and discovered she was a runs girl.

The man made a plan with a TikToker (@soniaolauzoma) who pretended to be an escort and offered the fiancee a job to sl33p with another man for money.

Lady caught in hotel room weeks to wedding.
On the day the lady was to make the appointment, the man was waiting for her in the room, posing as the person who needed her service.

The husband-to-be was disappointed that the lady was into such a job. He said their traditional marriage was already billed for April.

When the lady arrived and finally saw that she had been set up and her secret was out, she went down on her knees crying profusely.

SM compiled some of the reactions below:

Sabie said: “I blame guys who thinks giving a lady money will make her loyal, if a lady isn’t self discipline & contented enough, when you meet her, RUN.”

Your boyfriend atm holder said: “Since wen ona dey date u nor prank her na now wen ona don plan marriage u nor wise.”

timidare602 said: “The time he did the test doesn’t matter….the point is why she hooking up when she had a serious relationship leading to marriage….”

CNJ said: “I always talk am. Ashawo no dey change.” StephanieNC said: “The guy really loved her. he is so heartbroken.”


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