“I pity him”: Video shows woman pouring water on her ‘lazy’ husband, angers men

A video of a woman pouring water on her husband who was sleeping has sent social media into a frenzy.

The clip shared by @SanphuSA on X has gone viral, with many people condemning the woman’s action.

According to @yabaleftonline on X, the woman poured warm water on her ‘lazy’ husband. In the clip, the man, who was sleeping on a cushion chair, was woken up by water.

The man stood up and staggered out of the scene while his wife continued to rant in their local language.

It is not clear where the incident happened or what led to the woman’s action. Watch the video below:

Internet users slammed the woman for her action

@SasanutritionD said: “Why is he lazy? Both men & women should be hardworking in order to carry out their routine daily activities & make ends meet.”

@only1chiefff said: “Welp. “Man even looks tired and chose to take a nap. “I pity him.”

@clemzyclemodama said: “I hope the whole is seeing this because if na man do now it will be trending everywhere.”

@ugo_shib said: “Everything about him look lazy but no to pour him water oo.”

@i_am_vickyd said: “See finish na bad thing… but as a man why no go comot go hustle?? Nawa.”

@Ifefineboy said: “This is very wrong! It’s very wrong for a wife to disrespect her husband this way. “She has no right whatsoever.”

@Ogbovoh90 said: “This is totally disheartening and unacceptable. Men go through sh.it they don’t talk out. Maybe the man might have done something wrong but this is not right.”