I once rejected N10 million for a movie role despite being broke – Actor Chinwetalu Agu gives reason

Veteran Nollywood performer Chinwetalu Agu has explained why he declined a N10 million offer.

Agu spoke about rejecting down a N10 million offer to play a role in a movie from rich business mogul Mike Adenuga in a recent interview with Chude.

Agu claims that the billionaire businessman insisted on giving him N20 million despite the fact that he was broke and had previously earned only N1,000,000.

The renowned thespian claimed that Adenuga eventually compromised and paid him the N20 million after threatening to leave.

He said, “Chief Mike Adenuga said, ‘what I have for you in this contract is N10 million.’

I have not seen N1 million before when he was pricing me N10 million but I refused. I said, ‘if it’s not N20 million, forget it.’

“He insisted, I insisted. So, I pretend to rise up and said, ‘give me money to go back to Enugu.

If there’s any available flight, book it for me let me just quietly go back.’

“They regarded me to now being serious when I rose up. Chief Mike Adenuga said ‘sit down.’ He ordered them to bring documents for signing. They brought and I signed.

“From that moment uhuru dance started. I did it diplomatically in the office. I didn’t want them to know that N20m was a big deal [to me]. But it was the most wonderful thing [to me] at the moment.”