I made her who she is today and she sl€pt with many men Yomi Fabiyi exposes Mo Bimpe, takes swipe at Toyin Abraham.

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has continued to speak out on his alleged [email protected] with colleague, Mo Bimpe.

In a recent interview, Yomi Fabiyi recounted how he helped Mo Bimpe rise to stardom by starring her in his movie when nobody knew her.

He revealed how Mo Bimpe b€trayed and d¥mped him after she helped him in his career and made Toyin Abraham her mentor.

Yomi claimed that the Toyin who Mo Bimpe has made her mentor didn’t respond to her when she greeted her the first they met at his location.

Yomi doubled down on his claims that he never asked Mo Bimpe for s€x before starring her in his movie.

He alleged that the wife of Lateef Adedimeji was trying to use him as scale goat and accuse him of s€xual assault after sl€€ping with many more before marriage”.

“I made Actress Mo Bimpe who she is today by starring her in my movie when nobody knew her and I never asked her for s€x before I put her in the movie.

The Toyin she made her mentor today didn’t respond when she greeted her the first time they met at my location.

Why is she screaming my name for S€xual assault when many men have sl€pt with her before she settled down”.

Mo Bimpe accuses Yomi Fabiyi of s€xual assault

Recall that for years, there has been rumours of the wife of Adedimeji Lateef having an €scapade with Yomi when she was working with him.

Contradicting the reports, Mo Bimpe stated that Yomi didn’t ask her 0ut until she finished shooting his movie, Oko Iyabo which shot her into the limelight.

According to her, Yomi stated that if he knew she would have turned his pr0posal down, he would have made his f€€lings known before shooting the movie with her.

Mo Bimpe added that she isn’t in talking terms with the actor because he told her to either [email protected] her or be enemies with her and she had no choice but to choose the latter.

According to the actress, the primary reason for Yomi Fabiyi’s action was that she didn’t make h€rself available for his s€xual needs despite how much he had pr€ssured her.

Yomi Fabiyi replies Mo Bimpe over ‘s€x for role’ accusation

Refuting her claims, Yomi Fabiyi said that it was safe to say some people will want to destroy the ladder they use in climbing to the top by all means possible and that nothing is as efficacious as Natural Justice.

In an Instagram post, Yomi Fabiyi shared a photo of Mo Bimpe and attached evidence of how their conversation started. Then in a lengthy post he blasted the actress, emphasizing that he never offered her or anyone s€x for role.

Buttressing his points, Yomi, stressed that he is an @dult and it is within his rights to be s€xually attracted to any adult provided no force or c0ercion was involved. And that he has rights to s€xual feelings provided it is within the ambits of the law.

He then appealed to her to be bold enough to call out those she offered s€x in the industry to get to wherever she is now.