Part 9
Opeyemi Akintunde

As inspired by the HOLY ONE

“Teach me how to use it sir.” Beauty said

Winter had called back the herbalist into the room after she had convinced Beauty into agreeing to kill Freeman’s wife.

After getting her consent, the herbalist handed over a bar soap to Beauty telling her that was what she needed to get her sight back.

” Tell me how to use it sir. I will use it religiously.” Beauty repeated

” You will use it on your eyes, three times daily. You must also use it to take your bath daily.”

” Ok, thank you sir. How long will I use it before my sight will be recovered?”

” 21 days”

” 21 days? That long?”

” Long? That is not long ooo, compared to the damage that has been done.” The herbalist said

” Yes, Beauty, 21 days is just around the corner. Soon your eyes will back to normal…”

” Also you must stay indoors for the 21 days, no going out or letting the sun touch your skin. It is an abomination.”

” Ha! Even the early morning Vitamin D I receive from my bedside window?”

” Yes. No sun, whether Vitamin K or Vitamin R” The herbalist said winking at Winter, who shared a knowing smile with him.

” Ok, Baba , Thank you, we will check back in 21 days.” Winter said

” What about the money for the ritual to terminate the woman? Should I be expecting it in my account as usual?” The herbalist asked in a rush

” Yes, we will transfer the N1.2 million to you as soon as we get home, or Beauty should we do it right away?”

” Anyone is fine!” Beauty replied

” It’s better we do it now, who knows what the woman might have on her sleeves few minutes from now.” Winter said as she reached out for Beauty’s phone.

Winter reached out for Beauty’s thumb as Beauty had locked her phone and bank apps with her f!ngerprint..

Winter transferred the sum of N2.2 million into her account instead.

” I have transferred the N1.2 million to you sir, have you received the alert.” Winter said

” My phone is inside the room, I will check it later. I trust you.” The herbalist said smiling.

” Let’s be on our way” Winter said to Beauty as she helped her from the floor where they were seated.

” Thank you Sir!”

” Thank the gods who are about to answer your prayers.” Baba Shagba replied with a mischievous smile he shared with Winter.


Pamilerin heard the ringtone of her phone ringing loudly in her subconscious. She was taking her Afternoon nap before the kids returned from school. She roused herself from sleep and reached for her phone. On looking at the phone screen, sleep disappeared from her face. It was ” Dearest Mum”. That was Pamilerin’s guardian calling her.

” Good Afternoon Mummy!”

” Pamilerin, my daughter. How are you?”

” I am fine mummy, how are you too?”

” Fine…Very fine!, but how is your husband?”

Pamilerin’s heart sank! How did she find out about her husband’s infidelity? Or was she just asking about him plainly?

” He is fine ma!” Pamilerin said with the intention of denying the knowledge of her husband cheating if she brought it up…

” Pamilerin!” Dearest Mum called Pamilerin intentionally…

” Yes mum…” Pamilerin answered gathering all the self control she had.

” I don’t know what is wrong, but for some days my heart has been with you, so this morning as I was about to give money to my church for the altar beautification project that is ongoing, my heart went straight to you. The church needs about 5 million Naira. I only have 3.8 million Naira at my disposal, I wanted to call your sister to pay up the balance, but my mind kept going to you. Pamilerin, I want you to join me in sowing towards the beautification of the church altar. Can you raise 1.2 million Naira for God?” Dearest Mum said to Pamilerin.

Pamilerin heaved a deep sigh of relief…

” Oh! Erm…Erm…” Pamilerin said as she tried to gather her thoughts.

” N1.2 million Naira! is a large amount !” Pamilerin thought.

Part 10
Opeyemi Akintunde

” Knock! Knock!” Remi knocked on Pamilerin’s door.

” Mummy, Daddy is back!” Remi said

Pamilerin was mildly surprised to hear Freeman was back home by 2pm. She was getting ready to go pick up the girls from school.

Earlier, she had concluded with Dearest Mum, that she was going to support with the 1.2 million for the Altar beautification.

Her plan was to get the money from her husband. She wanted to milk him, she knew Freeman was still in the sober period and could give her anything she asked out of guilty conscience.She was planning to silently and Stylishly blackmail him into paying for the altar beautification.

” Didn’t he pay the girl off with 2 million Naira, yet he has never given me that much as a gift. He will be the one to pay for the beautification. Maybe that might even make God forgive him” Pamilerin had said to herself after she ended the call with Dearest mum…


” I don’t have that kind of money to throw around!” Freeman said during dinner

” You call giving the house of God money to throw around, but yet you could give your mistress 2 million Naira as a farewell gift. Shows the kind of heart you have.” Pamilerin said. After which, she stands up abruptly from Dinner.

Freeman holds her hand sharply…

” I am sorry, I don’t have up to 1.2 million, I will give you Six hundred thousand Naira.( 600k)”

” I will tell mum that’s what you can afford.” Pamilerin replied

” Babe, you want to paint me bad before Mummy.. I am really low on cash, like you just said, I gave Beauty 2 million and that was for our peace…. I have some money tied down in some investments. I can’t afford to throw 1.2 million away.”

” Throw 1.2 million away? You are saying it again.. … No problem…if that is how you see it.”

Pamilerin walked away. He had pissed her off further. He could give his mistress 2 million Naira but he wanted to give her Six Hundred thousand Naira.

She was going to get back at Freeman.

She picked up her phone to make the call, but a voice restrained her…

” Pamilerin, you know you have the 1.2 million Naira, Why are you making a big deal out of this issue?

Your Dearest Mum could have asked any of her rich daughters for the money but she asked you to give the money. Don’t you think there is more to this? Why don’t you take Freeman’s six hundred thousand and balance it up from your personal money.” The inner police in her chastised her.

” No, I want him to look bad before Dearest mum.” Pamilerin thought madly.

” Hello Pamilerin …” Dearest Mum said the moment she picked up.

” Yes mum… I have spoken to Freeman about the altar beautification and he says we can only afford half of the money.”

” Really? Ok … No problem guess I have to call one of your sisters. You know I won’t have bothered you, if not that your name was strongly impressed on my heart… but if it is a bother, you don’t have to give the six hundred. I will just ask one of the girls to join me.” Pamilerin could hear a bit of disappointment and anger in her Dearest Mum’s voice, so she knew she had to exonerate herself…

” Mum, actually I would have love to give all, but Freeman has been having issues with his finance, I just hope he is not seeing another woman who is squandering his money” Pamilerin said before she realized her blunder.

” You are having problems with your marriage?” Dearest Mum asked. Her voice shifted from anger to Concern.

” Not really, just overthinking things” Pamilerin said trying to immediately save this situation.

“The more reason you should partner with God by beautifying His Altar. When you beautify God’s home, He will beautify your home. Earlier I was angry and I was not going to collect the six hundred thousand, but I am no longer angry. I will send you the church account, pay in the money in there and see how God will sort out your marriage.”

” Thank you for your understanding Mama Bear!” Pamilerin said laughing…

” You are most welcomed!” Dearest Mum said ” My love to your husband and my grandchildren. I hope you hear from your mother from time to time?.”

” Yes I do?”

” My love to her always. I hope you have not given up on her as regards her faith “

” No ma, I am still very much on her case.”

” Good ! Very Good! Alright talk to you some other time!”

” Thank you ma, my love to Daddy.”


Five minutes later, Dearest Mum forwarded the church account details to Pamilerin who in turn forwarded to Freeman.

Freeman immediately transferred six hundred thousand Naira to the church account. He forwarded the receipt to Pamilerin.

Pamilerin received the receipt and that got her more infuriated. She was going to show Freeman hell. She thought he would actually send the N1.2 million but he had made up his mind. His Dirty Mind!


Beauty had used the soap on her eyes as instructed and she was going through hell. Whatever the soap was made from must be something from pepper…

” Oh my God! Winter, I think I am going to run mad!”

” Sorry, the soap is washing off whatever impurity is in there. Don’t worry, I am here with you. I won’t sleep if you don’t sleep, I won’t eat if you don’t eat. I don’t mind losing the new husband I have. You are my only friend and sister I have. I am with you babe…” Winter said comfortingly.

Beauty kept shedding tears uncontrollably…

” Now, for the first time..I really want to kill her. How soon will she die?” Beauty said in pain

” I can’t say, I will call the herbalist in the morning”

” No ..call him now!” Beauty said raising her voice

Winter knew it would be unwise to call the herbalist without sending him the money for the rituals.

Winter quickly brought her phone and transferred the 1.2 million Naira to the herbalist’s account leaving the one million extra in her account.

The herbalist called back immediately…

” Hello Baba…I was about to call you. Thank you for today. Baba …my friend wants to know when the woman will die..”

” In three days time. Winter, Your friend has done the needful, she has offered a big sacrifice, she definitely must see big results. In three days time, you will hear of her demise.”

” Ok, Baba…Thank you so much.”

Winter ended the call…

” Good News; she dies in 3 days.”


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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