Part 7
Opeyemi Akintunde

It was two weeks since the breakup and it was two weeks away from Beauty.

Freeman looked out the window as he watched Pamilerin playing with their daughters. His second daughter who was very outspoken smiled and he saw her beautiful dimple just like him. Freeman couldn’t help but smile.

The smile was a smile of gratitude. He was grateful for what he had. He felt free indeed. He didn’t have to hide his phone every now and then. He didn’t have to stay in the car receiving Beauty’s call.

He had blocked Beauty’s number from calling him. He couldn’t deny the fact, he enjoyed every bit of the time he spent with Beauty, but the time to move on was now. It was worth it while it lasted. His family was what mattered most.

Thinking about Beauty, he was happy she had cashed out a week after he gave her the cheque. He guessed it took her the first week to come to terms with the reality of the break up. She must have come out of the shock and good reasoning made her go cash out.


Beauty’s eyesight had gone from bad to worse. The doctors had used all kinds antibiotics and even got an optician involved, but Beauty was beginning to see things in a very blurry state.

” Winter, is this the way I will lose my sight?” Beauty cried on Winter’s shoulder at the hospital..

” I thought the Doctors would be able to prevent you from getting blind, but despite spending over a million on your treatment, things are only getting worse… I feel like a total failure. I couldn’t help my best friend in the world.” Winter said

” Help me Winter, Help me, I can’t lose my sight… I never knew she was this wicked.”

” You should be grateful she didn’t kill you!” Winter said

” Why is this life so unfair? Everyone keeps deserting me. I can tell you will be leaving me soon. I see how your husband has been calling without end. You won’t want your husband going into the arms of another woman because of me!”

” I can’t desert you Beauty… and besides my husband can not go into the arms of another woman, I have him tied where I want him to be”

” Tied as in Tied?”

” Yes… Tied as in Tied! You should have let us tie Freeman..”

“Please, can you not mention his name again. I don’t want to have anything to do with him and his wife again!”

” I don’t get…Are you afraid of them? Are you going to let them off the hook so easily… The witch wife is responsible for your eye problem.”

” What do you want me to do? If I try contacting them again, the woman may kill me totally. Just help me find a solution to my eye problem.”

” Babe, we can’t let them go like that… That woman, she will pay with her life and that husband she doesn’t want you to have, Babe you are getting him and this eye problem, he will take you abroad and fix it for you. Even if means him buying you a new set of eyes..” Winter said

” Winter, they don’t buy eyes!” Beauty said laughing. Winter succeeded in making her smile..

” They do… I watch it in movies…” Winter said laughing

” This is real life !” Beauty replied ” Thank you , Winter…Thank you for being the only family I have!”

” And you have been an amazing “friesister” to me” Winter said

” Friesister? What’s that? That’s a new one” Beauty asked. Winter was always coming up with something new.

” Just coined it! Since there is a word ” Frenemy” I thought of what describes Us best.

” I am grateful you are not a frenemy to me, thank you for being a fresister to me.. ” Beauty said hugging Winter tight…

” Yes I am your fresister and I will do anything to pay that woman back in her own coin and even give her more.”

Part 8
Opeyemi Akintunde

Winter and Beauty alighted in front of Baba Shagba’s place far away in Ogun State. Winter had convinced Beauty into going diabolical about her eyes and fighting Freeman’s wife.

“ Are we there?” Beauty asked. The smell of wherever they were was very offensive. It also had this aura of darkness around. Though she couldn’t see clearly, her body was repelling the place.

“ Yes we are!” Winter replied heartily

“ I don’t think I want to go on with this! “ Beauty said refraining from moving further

“ That’s fear and intimidation speaking my dear… and as your friend, I am here to help you overcome whatever it is that wants to stop you from your victory. I don’t give up you know.” Winter said pulling Beauty into the unknown world.

Baba Shagba saw Winter approaching with the girl she had spoken to him about.

Winter was one of his best client, she was a grateful client. She spared nothing when it came to money. She paid for charms sometimes in Millions. He was happy she had brought another big case before him. It was another time to be seriously rewarded financially.

“Welcome ooo, Welcome ooo , My daughter!” Baba Shagba hailed

“ Baba, Good morning…” Winter hailed back “ Take off your shoes!” Winter said to Beauty.

Beauty Obeyed as they stepped into a room. Beauty began to feel claustrophobic. Though she couldn’t see clearly, she could tell the room was a small room loaded with so many things…

“ Welcome our friend!” Baba Shagba said to Beauty

“ Is he talking to me?” Beauty asked

“ Yes!” Winter replied

“ Ok… thank you Sir!”

“ Why would she do this to you?” Baba Shagba asked

“ Who ?” Beauty asked

“ Freeman’s wife” Winter quickly said winking at Baba Shagba.

The wink was a deep conversation between Baba Shagba and Winter. Winter was reminding him to stick to their plan.

When Winter called Baba Shagba the night before, the conversation they had was;


“ Winter, I have made the enquiries… it is not the wife that made your friend blind. It was the wife’s mother!”

“ Oh!”

“ Yes.. and she made use of a very powerful herbalist. My advise is you tell your friend to go beg the wife and after that ask the wife to speak to her mother on her behalf.”

“ Ha! Baba … Never! That’s not the plan I have ooo, I want my friend to believe the wife is the enemy, so that she can kill the wife. Afterwards, I will snatch the man from her. But if her herbalist is too powerful for you , I will call someone else.”

“No… that’s not what I meant, I was just trying to warn you ahead of time. The herbalist would not back down without a fight. You and I may escape the fight but your friend will be targeted fiercely. She may eventually lose her life.”

“ If that happens, No problem.”


It was this conversation Winter was reminding the herbalist of.

“ Yes, the wife’s mother!” The herbalist agreed with Winter

“ So can you help me regain my sight!” Beauty said

“ And kill the wife” Winter added.

“ Yes… as long as the Ingredients are available.”

“ Baba Shagba, you know how you do it for me, tell me the equivalent in cash so you can buy everything for me. “

“N 1.2 million, because we will be buying a female cow who will represent the wife. It is the cow we will be burying alive after we have invoked her Spirit into the cow. This and other things will be used for the ritual.” The herbalist said

“ And you are so sure I will recover my sight back?” Beauty said “ Sir, that is what matters to me the most!”

“ Yes, and the woman will die!” The herbalist confirmed

“ Sir! I am not doing this to kill the woman. I am doing this majorly to regain my sight!” Beauty screamed

The herbalist looked at Winter, Winking at her.. He stood up and walked into his inner chambers.

Winter followed him…

“ Winter, where are you going?”

“ To beg him!” Winter said with irritation in her voice.


“ Winter, we cannot do anything unless the determination to kill the wife is coming from her. She is the one that was hurt, not you. Convince her to be in aggrement with us.”

Winter thought for some time before deciding on what to do….

She walked out back to where Beauty was…

“ Stand up, we are leaving!” Winter said

“ We are leaving?”

“ Yes… since you are not keen on protecting yourself, it’s better I leave you the way you are.”

“ Protecting myself? How does killing someone protect me.”

“ Babe, the best approach to defense is attack. Kill her before she kills you. Once you gain your sight back and somehow she stumbles on you, do you think she will want you blinded again or dead?”

“ Dead!” Beauty answered

“ So… are you ready to kill her before she kills you?” Winter asked

Beauty swallowed hard….


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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