Part 51
Opeyemi Akintunde

Pamilerin realized she had her phone on her… How? She didn’t remember picking it up from the house, but somehow it was with her. She turned it on.

She checked through her calls. There were no missed calls. She remembered all she had done. She knew she couldn’t go back to her husband directly. The first person that came to mind to call was her Dearest Mom.

She checked her contact list and surprisingly found the number under “Blocked numbers”. She knew that was not her doing.

She unblocked the number and dialed her number…


Dearest Mom heard her phone ringing, she almost ignored the call but on a second thought she checked the screen and saw Pamilerin’s number…

She whispered to the pastor that it was Pamilerin. They encouraged her to pick up.

“Hello Pamilerin.”

“Mom, I need your help. I am on the road…”

“What? Where exactly?


The entire compound was on fire. Lara pulled Beauty “this is our opportunity to leave here.”

“Ok, what about Yewande? We need to see that she is fine as well.”

“We will check on her on our way out.”

There was a lot of running around in the compound. Chigozie was on the floor crying for help but no one paid her attention.

Yewande also was running towards Beauty and Lara’s room. She met them at the entrance.

“Aunty Beauty, is this God’s way of setting you free?” Yewande asked.

It was at that point Beauty thought about it. God was opening the Prison doors for her by setting the place on fire…

“I think so Yewande, Let’s get out of here…”

“Yes, guess what? It seems the fire has destroyed a lot of charms. My mum is suddenly saying “What am I still doing here? I need to get out of here now!”

” God is good! Where will you be going from here?” Beauty asked.

“I don’t know…”

“You can come with me to my grandmother’s place. It is about 1 hour from here.”

“My place will be better!” Lara said, ” It’s just 30 minutes walk from here”

“Ok, let me get my mum and brother” Yewande ran off..

No one was trying to put out the fire, All the wives except Chigozie were looking for how to escape.

The entire place went down to ashes…


Baba Shagba’s phone had been ringing without end…

He didn’t want anyone disturbing but on checking, he realized it was the chairman of his street calling…

He smiled, he could guess what must have happened. Beauty must have died and the women must have created a scene.

“Hello Chairman, good morning sir. I hope all is well.”

“No Baba Shagba, your house is on fire!” The chairman replied.

Baba Shagba thought it was a metaphorical statement.

“Really? What happened exactly?” He said.

“No one knows how, but the fire has spread to all the buildings in your compound. The rate at which it is going, by morning nothing will be left in your compound. Your wives and kids have left the compound too…”

At that point, Baba Shagba was confused…

“Hold on Chairman, are we talking physical fire?”

” Yes!”

“Abomination, no fire can come near my abode!”

“Baba Shagba, this fire is a devouring angry fire. By the time you get here nothing will be left of your compound.”

The chairman dropped the call. Baba Shagba was as clueless as a newborn.

He brought out his handkerchief. It was a viewing device.

Baba Shagba recited some incantations that his eyes be opened to see what was going on in his home. The handkerchief did not respond to him…

“Ha! I can’t be blind! Never!” Baba Shagba said.

“Don’t tell me my power room has been destroyed. Ha! ” Baba Shagba Lamented.

He rose up in fear of what was ahead. He had to get home immediately…


“Winter! You have given me the wrong job oooo” Baba Shagba kept lamenting as he walked out of the house. He didn’t go to Winter’s room. Unknown to him, Winter still had her earpiece plugged in her ears.

Baba Shagba walked out of the open gate Pamilerin had opened….

Part 52
Opeyemi Akintunde

“I didn’t send this message neither did I block your calls, the evil woman did. I am sorry mummy. There was the seed of bitterness, lack of contentment and envy in my heart that the enemy amplified.” Pamilerin apologized on getting to Dearest Mom’s house.

Dearest Mom and one of the Pastors had come to pick her up from where she had reached out to her.

“It’s okay, I also suspected it wasn’t your style of text, but what threw me off balance was when I heard you saying over the phone that I never bought you new clothes…”

“I am sorry… I didn’t know she had received the call. That woman was the devil herself, she was the one trying to make me hate you and I fell for it.”

“It’s okay, actually you were right. I am sorry I didn’t treat you as my child, I treated you like my child. There is a big difference; the Holy Spirit clearly made me see that.” Dearest Mom said.

“In all things, let’s thank God. This whole thing has brought out some good”Dearest Mom Added.

“Really? What good?”

“Your Mother is now born again. Infact she has been on a prayer ground for your sake for the past three weeks interceding for you!”

“What? Maami, a Christian? How?” Pamilerin asked very surprised.

“Sometimes God uses challenges to draw his children to him, She calls me every day asking me if I have heard from you.”

“Let me speak to her ma!” Pamilerin said excitedly
Ajoke was exhausted…They had been praying for close to two hours. Her voice was really low as the other women were still praying for her and Pamilerin.

She heard her phone ringing. She imagined it was one of her other children calling.

“Go pick your call, who knows it might be the answer to our prayers” Aina said.

Ajoke struggled to get her phone, but energy flowed into her veins on seeing the Caller ID…
” Pamilerin!” Ajoke mouthed.
“Hello Maami, how are you?” Pamilerin said in tears.

“Pamilerin is that you?”

“Yes Maami?”

“Where are you?”

“I escaped, I am In Mummy’s house.”

“My God! My creator thank you! Just stay right there. I am coming to Lagos right away.”

“Ok Maami… but please let the day break! I am sorry for everything I have done.”

“No problem my dear, you were not in your right senses. I have forgiven you since.” Ajoke said excitedly.
Ajoke ended the call excitedly.

“God has done it, Pamilerin is out of the house of the wicked woman” Ajoke said dancing.
Everyone shouted HALLELUYAH…
“I am leaving for Lagos right away?”

“This midnight? No way, besides there won’t be a bus at this time. Morever, don’t be an ungrateful person. Let us thank the Lord for His deliverance.”
“Daddy! Daddy” Freeman heard his daughter’s voice He had slept off after his 12 midnight prayer.Theresa, his youngest daughter was tapping him from sleep..

“Daddy, I saw mummy”


“In my sleep”


“She was a bird in a cage?” Theresa said and Freeman’s heart sank.

“But, I saw Jesus went to open the cage and she flew out” Theresa said and Freeman’s face lit up.

“She escaped?” Freeman asked.

“Yes!” Theresa said

“Thank you Jesus!” Freeman said feeling relieved.

“What happened?” Venita said from the doorway. Halfway through her sleep, she felt Theresa standing up from her side, she thought she wanted to use the rest room, but after waiting endlessly to hear the sound of the toilet door, she stood up to be sure she was okay.

“Theresa had a dream, and she saw your mum getting out of the evil cage”

“Amen!” Venita said. That was good news for her as well.
“Will my husband accept me back?” Pamilerin said to Dearest Mom.

“With God, all things are possible.” Dearest Mom answered.

“Yes, only God can touch his heart. He saw me committing immorality with her…”

“Before seeing him, we will pray that God will touch his heart ahead ” Dearest Mom said.

“But that woman can’t go unpunished. If we let her go, she will destroy another person or family.” Dearest Dad said after a long while of being silent listening to Pamilerin

“Very true! But if we report to the police, we have no evidence, it will be our word against hers.” Dearest Mom said .

“You said, you heard her say, she killed her two husbands and was going to kill her latest husband?”

“From what she was telling the herbalist, she implied she killed her two husbands and which was what she wanted to do with me, but failed. She is planning to kill the man in five weeks from now ”

“Where is she now?”

“I left her in the house.”

“Let’s hope she is still there, if we do not rise up against evil, evil will continue in the Land.”

“What are you planning to do?”
Dearest Mom asked. She knew her husband so well, he was about to do something drastic.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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