Part 49
Opeyemi Akintunde

Freeman woke up exactly midnight (12am) from his brief sleep. He started worshipping God declaring the different praise Names of God. He told God, he knew He was going to save his wife…


Timothy woke up at exactly midnight, he and Mathew had planned to pray together at midnight Nigerian time, though it would be 6 pm at Mathew’s end. They wanted to intercede for Beauty.


Beauty was not asleep either, She was still in the euphoria of happiness. Lara on the other hand was fast asleep.


Baba Shagba was preparing the ingredients he needed to call Beauty to death…


Winter was packing her bags and clearing the house of anything that could be used to trace her.


Iya Rolake arrived at Kiniun’s place.


Dearest Mom and three pastors had started their vigil interceeding for Pamilerin.


As Freeman was worshipping, the Lord brought back to his remembrance, the money his wife asked him to sow for the altar beautification…He remembered it was 1.2 million and he had paid N600, 000 only. His Spirit moved him to pay up.

He immediately checked through his phone for the text message that had the account details of the ministry.

He immediately forwarded the remaining money to the account without delay…

“Lord, I know my wife didn’t pay up, I do this on her behalf. Lord let your altar speak up for her. Let your Mercy rescue her from the prison she is in Jesus name.


Pamilerin saw herself back at the same pit she saw herself months back. She saw herself on the sand stairs, and the same cow attacking her. She saw the two men who were creating the stairs out of the sand of the wall of the pit. They walked closer to her…

“Your husband has empowered us to create the remaining stairs.” Said one of the men.

Pamilerin watched as they created the stairs in haste…

As soon as they completed the remaining six stairs, Pamilerin came out of the pit…


Simultaneously, the tree prison she was in, started unfolding itself, the branches started opening up and her Spirit floated out of the place it was… It felt like her Spirit knew its route. Pamilerin found herself soaring with speed till she got to Winter’s house. Her Spirit passed through the Window and entered her body that sat on the chair in the living room.

Winter had left her in the living room, unlike before when she cared for her thinking she would wake up someday.

Pamilerin moved her f!ngers and it responded.

“Jesus!” She opened her mouth to say, but it came out as a whisper.

“Stand up and go home!” An invisible voice said to Pamilerin.

Pamilerin looked around, there was no one.

She tested her legs on the ground. She felt the cold feel of the tiles. It had been a while since she had the feeling. Strangely, the pain in her leg had disappeared.

Like a child being led by a parent, Pamilerin walked out of the living room into the compound. She saw the security guard fast asleep.

Part 50
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Woman, what are you doing here at this hour ?” Kiniun shouted angrily at Iya Rolake from his inner chambers.

He was busy carrying out a spiritual ritual that having a woman around was an abomination.

“Kiniun I am sorry, death is near me and you are the only one who can help me.”

“I can’t attend to you now, come back in the morning.” Kiniun said

All the women in the compound heard the voice of the woman. They feared for her as they knew that day was not the day Kiniun saw women…

“I am not going anywhere ooo, Kiniun you have to help me or by morning you will see a dead woman by your doorstep…” Iya Rolake pleaded.

Kiniun got pissed at Iya Rolake….

“Woman, if you don’t disappear from here, you will not live to tell the story of what I will do to you…” Kiniun roared.

” I am not going ooo” Iya Rolake sat at the entrance of his shrine weeping…

“Ok….now, I know who you are, you were sent to render my ritual useless. Hey, little witch, tell those who sent you, I am kiniun and a small fly like you can’t disturb me.” Kiniun said blowing a powdery substance in the air in front of him.

The powdery substance found it’s way to where Iya Rolake sat, it started choking her till she passed out….


“Let the wind become a messenger for me this morning. Oh Wind carry the message of death to Beauty the daughter of Eunice now!” Baba Shagba declared.

Baba Shagba heard the wind move from the room window where he was.

” Good.” He said with the smile of satisfaction.


Beauty felt the sudden nudge to decree continuously one of the memory verses she had learnt from the preacher…

“Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel:”

Beauty kept chanting it over and over….

She remembered another scripture…There was a sense of urgency to keep declaring different scriptures she could remember from what she had heard the preacher say at different times…

“When evil people come to eat my flesh, when my enemies attack me, they will stumble and fall.”

” I shall not die but live”

Beauty kept declaring the scriptures with a sense of urgency to it…. She had a strong feeling of uneasiness…

“Jesus help me… Lord God help me….”


Mathew saw a strong wind blowing against a house.

“I see a strong wind blowing against a house, almost making the house collapse on the inhabitants and I hear this scripture… When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” Mathew said.

“Hmm… let us begin to decree that any satanic wind blowing against sis Beauty, that the Spirit of the Lord should raise a standard against it in Jesus name” Timothy said.


The strong wind got to Baba Shagba’s compound. It entered the compound, it started searching for where Beauty was, it found the room, but as the wind was about going into the room with full force, fire rose up to block the entrance. The wind thought it could kill the fire. It launched against the fire, but the fire went after it instead.

The wind withdrew in fear, because the fire had become enraged. The wind tried finding a place of safety. It went into Baba Shagba shrine and the Fire followed…The fire was on a mission to terminate that wind. As the wind kept running away from the fire, the fire was destroying a lot of things in Baba Shagba’s shrine…

Suddenly, everyone heard a strange bang.

They all rushed out… Beauty could smell something burning…

“Lara what is going on?”

“Baba Shagba’s shrine is burning…” Lara said


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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