Part 47
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Dear Child of God, know that tonight you are coming out of that prison. I don’t know how God will do it, but be sure you are coming out of that prison. Tell those Prison doors to give way, tell the doors the Angel of the Lord is coming to bring you out! Say it confidently child of God…” Timothy said as he preached on. Those who had seen him earlier were surprised that he had returned there shortly…

“God still has a message for someone” he had told them.


Beauty was elated, she had received the message from Yewande and hearing him talk to her directly gave her joy and hope.

Lara watched as Beauty walked confidently in the room repeating what the preacher was saying.

“I am walking out of my prison doors. The Angel of the Lord is bringing me out. It doesn’t matter that I walked in by myself, what matters is that God is bringing me out tonight.”

Lara also caught the fire. She also wanted to return home. She joined in the confession and they burst into laughter. The joy of the HolyGhost filled them up .


Chigozie wondered what was going on in Lara’s room… It felt like a party there. Anytime, Baba Shagba was not around, she was in control.

She stood up to go and silence them, but few steps away, she stumbled and crashed into the ground, twisting her ankle.

“Ha!!!” Chigozie screamed.

Lara and Beauty were so deeply ignited by the fire in their confession that they didn’t hear Chigozie’s fall and scream.

“I remember one song.” Lara said suddenly .

“Which song?”

“Paul and Silas

They prayed

They Sang

The Holy Ghost came down!

And the prison doors opened”

“Yes! I remember” Beauty screamed in excitement.

“Let’s sing it”

Beauty was excited, she knew her coming out of that place might not be that instant or even that day, but she was sure she was coming out of Baba Shagba’s place soon.


Ajoke laid on the same spot for 4 hours straight praying for Pamilerin. She knew her child had to be free from the evil she had put herself into.


Iya Rolake started having stomach-ache all evening. She thought it was indigestion but when a friend stopped by her shop and broke the news of seeing Ajoke at Mama Church, she knew the stomach ache was not ordinary.

“So it is true that there is no one God cannot arrest” Jumoke said to Iya Rolake.

“Who did God save?”

“Ajoke, Iya Pamilerin, your friend is presently with your former friend, Mama Church. I can tell you are the next” Jumoke teased.

“I reject it.” Iya Rolake said angrily.“Jumoke, I need to pack up, see you tomorrow “

Iya Rolake quickly closed up her shop. She had to get to Kiniun( The Lion). He was the most wicked herbalist/witch doctor in the five villages that shared a stream.


Aina was resting for the day. She suddenly heard “ Iya Rolake is on her way to Kiniun”

Aina knew that was not good, People didn’t go to Kiniun for trivial matters. Kiniun was a Lion like his name, he was a bloodthirsty herbalist. Whenever people needed to kill other people, Kiniun was the next stop.

Aina jumped from the mat where she laid. She hurriedly walked towards where Ajoke had laid praying but met her absence.

“Ajoke! Ajoke! Where is she?” Aina asked the other women praying.

“ She went in to take a nap” one of them replied.

“No ooo, now is not the time to sleep”

“She has been praying for the past four hours!” The woman replied.

“I know, but this is not yet her hour of rest. Get her for me” Aina said.

The women knew whenever Mama Church spoke with authority laced with anger, something had happened in the Spirit realm.


Baba Shagba arrived at Winter’s place at exactly 10:30pm.

“Welcome, Baba Shagba!” Winter greeted him.

Baba Shagba looked around. He was amazed at the display of wealth. He could tell Beauty’s money was part of the money she was lavishing. He saw Pamilerin seated on the chair like a robot.

“Before you start thinking I have lots of money, all these are scam. I just bought the house with my husband’s money to look rich, I am going to return the money once everything I want is achieved.”

She saw the way Baba Shagba was staring at Pamilerin, she quickly said…

“This is the woman, I need you to restore her senses back… While you are working on her, what would you like to eat?”

“ This one is gone, she has journeyed far…” Baba Shagba said.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, don’t waste your energy on this…”

“No, Baba Shagba. There is something you can still do. I have lost so much money trying to play them.”

“Not all games can be won. We win some, we lose some” Baba Shagba said.

“No oooo, I have lost a lot in this game… I have even lost my best friend on this”.

“There will be another win, count this as a loss, Let’s discard her real fast…” Baba Shagba said. He wanted to rest after a long day and complete his assignment as regards Beauty. He also wanted that whole episode off his table.

“Do what you have to do?” Winter said referring to Baba Shagba.

“This is no more in my hands. Find a way to kill her or better still return her to her family to nurse her till she die

s.” Baba Shagba said

Part 48
Opeyemi Akintunde

“The Spirit of the Lord revealed to me Iya Rolake is on her way to Kiniun.” Mama Church said.

Ajoke froze, perplexed at why Iya Rolake was bent on fighting her.

“What am I going to do to protect myself!” Ajoke asked with a voice laced in fear.

No one heard Kiniun and stayed relaxed…

“We need God to intercept her. Send an angel to stop her from getting to her…” Mama Church said.

“ Aina, you and I know that Iya Rolake doesn’t see walls whenever she is on a mission. What she deserves is for God to kill her.”

“The penalty of death is usually for unrepentant enemies. Let’s give her the benefit of doubt that when the Lord stands in her way, she will repent.” Mama Church said.

Ajoke wasn’t satisfied with the verdict.

“Let’s start the prayer session, the Lord will lead us as we proceed.”

“Ok ma.”

This was around 11 pm. They started with a session of praise and Worship.

“God, we cannot exalt you adequately, Lord please use our praises and worship to exalt your powerful self.” Mama Church said.

After about five minutes of Praise and Worship, Mama Church said “We will pray this loud and clear. Oh Lord, stand in the way of anyone visiting different shrines in other to harm me in Jesus name… “

Ajoke roared the prayer.


Iya Rolake had trekked for over 45 minutes, she had about 15 more minutes before she got to Kiniun’s place…

The Stomach ache was getting worse…

“Hey! you! Stop! Where to at this hour of the night?” Iya Rolake heard the voice of a vigilante.

“I received a call that my daughter has put to bed, I need to go take care of her” Iya Rolake said.

“Woman, that will wait till tomorrow. Go back home, nothing will happen to your daughter before morning”

“Ah! A lot will happen ooo, in fact a million things will happen. You see there is a ritual I need to do for her. It is the ritual we do for all new mothers and it must be done within three hours of the childbirth…” Iya Rolake said.

The two vigilantes looked at each other, then one spoke “ If what you have said is true, then the peace of the Almighty God go with you, but if you are going on an evil assignment, the earth you stand on will fight against you” the vigilante said making way for her…


Pamilerin could hear everything the herbalist and Winter were discussing. They were both eating pounded yam at that late hour. Though she was tied in the strange land, she could hear everything that was said in her surroundings.

All the while for weeks, Winter was always careful speaking in her front, but after the herbalist had confirmed she was gone, Winter threw caution in the air discussing everything. Pamilerin picked pieces of the conversation which she was adding us…

“She is a stupid girl, she was banking on money that didn’t exist” Winter said.

“That’s what Greed does!” Baba Shagba said.

“So what about the husband? Did the love portion work on him for you?” Baba Shagba asked.

“No, the stupid girl mistakenly poured the portion away. At first, I wasn’t sure of which one she poured, but now I am sure of what happened. She gave the husband the hatred portion because as we speak they both hate each other, but the one that was meant to make the man love me, she poured away.”

“Ha! Sorry!”

“But that did not stop me, I changed the plan. Since I couldn’t get the man to love me, I tricked her into loving me. Winter doesn’t waste time in changing plans” Winter said boastfully…

“Unlike my other husbands that I killed the women first, before the men, My plan was to make her kill her husband, inherit him and then I steal the money from her, but as you said, we can’t win all battles… We lose some, we win some…” Winter said.

“I know you, very soon you will get another idiot…”

“ No…I am not in a hurry, I need to finish up the stupid man in Abuja. I can’t afford to lose on both ends. I will discard this thing in the morning, and return to Abuja. Give me five weeks to find my way back into his heart, then we strike him. Also I will need help in killing his daughter, Joy” Winter said concerning her husband.

“ No problem, I am always on standby. Though we didn’t make money on this one, I know when you cash out on the Abuja man, you will make me a happy man. I only made 1.2 million Naira your friend Beauty paid for her life”

“Baba Shagba, trust me! How about Beauty? Have you terminated her?” Winter said laughing.

“I am doing so this night, I am going to kill her from here, so it looks like she died a natural death”

“Hmm, Beauty ! Beauty! I am sorry, you had to go away just like this, you were the sister I never had. You were stupidly in love with a married man. Baba Shagba, which right-thinking girl truly loves a married man? They are never yours for the taking.

What she should have done was to pretend to love him, kill his wife, marry the husband, slaughter him afterwards and clear his money. But Beauty!, You were not smart enough to play the game like that. You were in love, sorry darling. “ Winter said.

Pamilerin dropped few tears.

She realized the fool she had been. She had lost her life, family and happiness that was certain for fake money that never existed… She realized she had been played. Winter actually knew Beauty…

“ God! Please forgive me” Pamilerin cried inwardly….


Mama Church saw in the Spirit realm that Iya Rolake was proceeding….

“We need to change our prayer point…We will pray that concerning Pamilerin and Ajoke, every unrelenting enemy that has vowed to end their lives, that God Himself show Arise and intervene violently against the enemy in Jesus name…” Mama Church said.

Ajoke was happy with the tune of that prayer…

“My Lord and my God, any unrelenting enemy that wants to see to my end and the end of my daughter Pamilerinayo, God arise in your Mightiness and intervene violently in my favour in Jesus name.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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